Overwhelmed with the intensity of what they are making me feel, I can’t even concentrate on kissing Declan anymore. Instead, I let my body sag into August’s. He easily holds me up in his strong embrace while my clit is stroked and more fingers fill me up.

My first orgasm hits me by surprise. I jerk and writhe between the two men who have sandwiched me between their bodies. Still, their fingers do not give me any respite, continuing to stroke and fanning the fires of lust brighter and hotter than before.

I’m moving, pulled like a rag doll toward a raised dais with a mattress swathed in ivory silk on top. Declan sits on the edge, spreading his legs wide, and August pushes me to bend over the seated man. I don’t even think—just wrap my hand around the base of Declan’s thick cock and then it’s in my mouth. He puts one hand on my head, pushing his fingers through my hair and gripping to help ease me up and down on his shaft. Leaning back, he groans as I work him over. I feel deliciously dirty having a man who I just met less than half an hour ago in my mouth while another man—whom I’ve been in love with my entire life—watches.

August is still behind me, his hands on my ass. I feel the blunt head of his cock pressing against my wet entrance as he slowly slides into me. He’s a big man, just as Declan is. August fills, then starts to pump away inside my body while I suck his friend’s dick.

“You are so goddamn sexy, Leighton,” August groans as he thrusts slowly in and out of me. “Watching you take my cock while sucking another man off… God. Such a dirty girl. I love it.”

His words are like an aphrodisiac, and I shudder as he rubs my own hedonistic freedom in my face. He plunges deeply into me. My second orgasm is a lazy rumble up my spine, causing me to gasp and lose my hold on Declan.

“Fuck,” Declan praises, looking past me to August. “She’s so responsive.”

They’re talking about the two orgasms they already banged out of me, feeling proud of themselves, and we’ve barely gotten started. I feel somewhat proud myself.

I’m also feeling like a limp rag doll, so I make no protest when I’m moved again. August pulls me upright while Declan scoots to the center of the mattress, pausing to roll toward the bedside table for a condom.

Condoms aren’t anything August and I have ever talked about. It hits me that perhaps we should have, but I think I just inherently trusted him to do right by me. Because I’m on the pill, I’m not worried about pregnancy. He certainly hadn’t used a condom while riding me doggie style just now, but Declan is apparently going to. There is something about him putting one on while August refuses to that seems proprietary to me, which strangely appeals. It’s validation that even though August is sharing me with another man, there’s a line Declan can’t cross.

August releases me and goes to the table as well, pulling out a bottle of lube. He flips the cap with his thumb, then puts a knee onto the mattress to lean in closer to Declan. I’m entranced by the two men… one on his back and the other perched on the edge near his hip. Both sport huge and monstrously hard erections.

I almost combust when August drizzles a bit of lube onto Declan’s condom-covered erection, then uses a hand to stroke the other man a few times.

I’ve never seen a man touch another man like that. A strong, hetero male stroking another is perhaps the most arousing thing I have ever seen in my entire life. August reaches out to me, encouraging me onto the bed. “I want you to fuck Declan. Get on top, Leighton, and ride him.”

This is it—where I decide how far I’m willing to go. The mere fact he’s urging me on top of Declan tells me that August wants my ass tonight. And I think I’m ready to give it to him.

I do as he says, releasing his hand and crawling up the length of Declan’s body. His silver-blue eyes flash as he watches me, lips curled in a lazy smile.

August watches us with feral, hot eyes, his body taut with anticipation. He bites into his lower lip as I straddle Declan. When I take his cock in hand, guiding it to my entrance, August softly encourages me. “That’s it, Leighton. Take it all for yourself.”

I can’t help the moan that slips out as I slide down Declan’s thick shaft, bottoming out until I’m pressed against his pelvis. Declan isn’t shy in the slightest. His hands come to my hips, guiding my body into a slow rolling undulation on top of him. I expect August to position himself behind me, but he crawls on the mattress and moves closer to us. One of his hands goes to my lower back, slides in between my ass cheeks, and starts rubbing against my tight hole. My eyes about cross from how good it feels. His other hand goes to my stomach and inches between my legs, his fingertips pressing onto my clit as I ride Declan’s cock. The pressure he puts on it is intensified by the glide of Declan inside me, and my third orgasm builds and builds until I can’t contain it anymore. I set it free with a shriek of ecstasy, my body splintering into a million lovely pieces.

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