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Her eyes are still closed for a beat longer when I open mine. Seeing her dip down and savoring us on her lips has me ready to skip a few stages. “Maybe next time, we opt for the shortcut to get here.”

She smirks, one that she learned from the master. “What’s the fun in that?”



The doors open, and we trip our way out of the elevator, my back hitting the wall. My shirt is thrown to who knows where, the button of my jeans flying down the hall. Holding her face, I kiss her while we keep moving toward the door, bumping against walls and almost falling over.

The frenzy of heated kisses, tight embraces, and lust coursing through us as if we were pregaming with that fight and kickoff started the second we made up.

Hopping on one foot to get the wet denim off, and then the other, I’m left in my boxer briefs when I start stripping the soaking shirt over her head. Her body shimmers, her nipples hard and deep pink. Ripping our mouths apart, I hold off her groping hands. “You’re not wearing a bra.” I yank the shirt back down, looking around to see if anyone is around.

“I was in a hurry,” she says, not giving one damn if anyone sees us.

Grabbing her waist, I toss her over my shoulder and run for the door at the far end. The door is left to shut on its own as I’m shoved to the wall. She plants her hands on my chest, as if I’d actually want to escape, and then eyes the hole in the wall next to me. “How’s the hand?”

“Always the doctor.” I hold it up and wiggle my fingers. In actuality, it wasn’t the smartest move for a chef to punch a wall, but I was lucky this time. It hurts, and I’ll have some bruising, but it doesn’t seem like any long-term damage has been done.

Seeming satisfied, she puts her mouth on my chest and works lower with licks, kisses, and sucks. “Fuck,” I groan. Her mouth is amazing. I was already hard, but now I’m almost painfully so as she takes my boxers with her.

“God, I love your body. You’d make the statue of David envious.” On her knees, she looks up, my world lit like stars in her eyes. Her hands wrap around my cock, and she kisses the tip. The tease.

Fortunately, not for long.

She closes her eyes and takes me into her mouth. Scraping my fingers through her hair, I take a hold at the crown. I angle just enough to watch her take me as deep as she can and slide back. Every part of me is alive with wanting her. Her eyes flash open, the tips of her lashes still wet as they tap her brow. I remember another time I saw the devil in her eyes, desire shaping her lids dip back down.

Holding the back of my legs, she works me with her tongue, grazing her teeth, and sucking, causing my head to fall back. The first tremors start deep in my belly and spread faster and quicker, starting to shoot through every part of my body. My intention to wait until I was taking her is blown to smithereens as my body erupts. My head hits the wall twice and then a third time as I come. “Fuck . . . Fuuuck.”

I open my eyes, my breathing heavy in my chest. Looking down at her with that half-smirk and arched eyebrow, I shake my head and give her the same. “You don’t know what you’ve done, baby.” I bend down to pick her up, bringing her to her feet. Feeling her in my arms is hands down the sweetest heaven I’ll ever know.

“What have I done?” she asks, challenging me.

I lift her so her legs wrap around my hips and her arms loop around my neck. Our lips crash together again in teeth and tongues, moans and mouth-fucking. Her wet clothes are fucking freezing, so I detour to the kitchen and set her on the massive island. With her heels digging into the top of my ass, I slide her ass across the countertop, the wet leggings easily slipping.

We’re hands and tangled body parts, lust and hunger. I pluck myself from her and find the waistband of her pants. Panting with her eyes on mine, she lifts her ass so I can strip them down. Tossed to the floor, I then go for the shirt. “You cold?”

Little hard buds greet me, calling my fingers to them. I rub my thumb over them and then replace my fingers with my mouth, giving each equal attention before saying, “Lie back.”

With her splayed across this marble, it’s a sight I’ll never forget as long as I live. “Fucking hell, you’re so fucking sexy.”

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