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She licks her lips as she rests her hands behind her head. “Tell me about it.”

“I could spend days telling you about every beauty mark and the way your skin is soft behind your ear, how pink that sweet little pussy of yours is.” Taking her ankles, I kiss each one and then put them over my shoulders. “But I’m famished, and I know just what I want to eat.”

I could pretend she cares about the foreplay and niceties, the buildup, but by how her hips are tilting toward my mouth, I’m thinking we can skip it. I kiss her where she wants me, making out with her lower lips and clit until she’s squirming and her fingers are grasping against the marble to find purchase as her release grows deep inside.

When I fuck her with my tongue, she claws my shoulders, the scrape of her nails encouraging me to go deeper and harder, faster until she’s spilling her release.

Her head lifts, and she says, “Now fuck me.”

“Here or in the bedroom?”

Ready to do it in either place, I’m on standby for her answer. “Where’s the condom?”


“There’s your answer.” She slips off the island and runs down the hall to my room. I’m right behind her, getting the pleasure of watching that fine ass in action. She hops on the bed while I dig a condom from the drawer.

I’m quick to cover myself and join her, but before I settle, I ask, “Top or bottom?”

“I just want to be with you, Joshua.” Her eyes were filled with adoration.

“I want to make love to you.”

She lies on her back, her hand resting on the crook of my neck as all the fun, games, and frenzy of before dies down. I kiss her, her lips caressing mine as she rubs my shoulders. “I love you,” she says, “bigger than the sky.”

Dipping my head to the side, I kiss her in that spot that sends goose bumps to pebble across her skin. “Bigger than the universe, baby.”

Her knees grip my sides as I reach down and position myself. Returning my hands to either side of her, I dip to kiss her again, pushing into her white-hot heat. Her love, caresses, and faith in me wash through me, and I kiss her neck as I pull back and push into her again. It’s never less than all-consuming. I want to give her every part of me, for her to feel how she makes me feel—whole as a person—content to live inside her forever.

Her quiet moans and little shifts have me dragging my hand down her body, kneading her tits before I go lower between us and rub tight circles until she’s tremoring around me. My name, a whispered chant against the shell of my ear. I kiss her, swallowing every word she’ll give before I fall over, catching the glory of my own release. “Chloe,” sounds harsh and hateful, but comes from pure ecstasy.

As much as I love makeup sex, I like creating love with her more. Our fingers, bodies, and souls entwined, I say, “I thought you’d want to take this slow, but there’s just no going slow with you, baby. No end and no beginning.” Now I’m the one who sounds crazy. Lying next to her, I inhale her scent and run the bridge of my nose along her temple. “There’s no more just you or just me.”

Kissing my chest, she breathes, “Only us,” against my skin, her eyes closing.

“Only us.” I don’t care about sounding crazy anymore. Following my heart has never felt so right. I slip out of bed to the bathroom, but I’m quick to return and slide under the covers.

She snuggles into my side, and though we’re exhausted—bodies, hearts, and minds—from the tumultuous night, she whispers, “My position isn’t continuing at the hospital.”

I had closed my eyes but open them to seek her reaction in the darkened room. “What does that mean?”

“They told me I don’t have a job after June first.”

Maybe it’s late or I’m slow to download this information, but she’s always succeeded. She wanted to work there. She said as much. With my arm around her, I rub her bicep. “Why?”

“There’s not enough funding.” I expected her to sound more devastated. “Do you want to hear the kicker? She said I should have followed in my father’s footsteps. That’s a position they can fill.”

“Shit. How are you?” Moving her hair back, I want to see her eyes. Today was a hard day for my girl.

She slides up, readjusting until we’re eye level. “Better than expected, I guess. Losing you would be worse.”

I kiss her head. “You didn’t. You won’t. Not ever.”

“Makes losing the position easier, but you’re getting a jobless, soon-to-be homeless, and with no backup plan girlfriend.” She’s grinning, and though I’d assume from the past that she’s hiding the pain inside, her smile says otherwise. It’s genuine.

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