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Maple syrup eyes hold a sweet appreciation when they peer up at me, watching my reaction. My middle winds tighter, my lips part, my lids heavy with desire. His hands cup me without reserve, squeezing, kneading, lightly flicking my nipples before covering them with his mouth.

My back arches, and I gasp when his teeth tease the buds. “God, how I want you,” I say without hesitation as I lock my hands together at the back of his neck. He feels too good to set free. With him repositioned between my legs and his hardness pressing against me, I rock my hips, pushing against the fear that I have with this being my first time. I welcome him. “I want to feel you inside me.” My throat is raw like the words, an unsatisfied need making me thirsty for more. Lower, the sound of begging riddles my mind, the words on repeat as need floods my veins.

The familiar exhilaration I always feel with him takes over, and as if my body is not my own, I move my hips with his. His mouth is on my shoulder, but I feel the connection on every inch of my skin.

“Do you have condoms?” he whispers.

“In the drawer,” I reply as if I’ve said it before.

I watch the muscles in his arms on display and reach over to touch. He sets two on the bed without a second thought and moves to hover over me again. I push the hair that’s fallen down over his forehead to the side, and then lightly push on his shoulders. As much as I love him looking from above me, I want to try something new.

When I move on top of him, he runs his hands over my breasts and cups my shoulders, bringing me to him to kiss. Kiss until we’re out of breath. Kiss until my body craves more. “What do you want, baby?”

“You,” I reply.

Strong hands slide down my arms, covering me in goose bumps.

“I’m right here.”

Reading between the lines, he wants me, but he wants me to lead. I’ve never been a follower. Shy? Sure. But I know anatomy, and he is a perfect specimen.

I move back just enough on his thighs to have his erection in front of me as he takes me in, studying me with the intensity of an artist. I have flaws, but you’d never know by the way he gazes upon me. He reaches for me. “C’mere.”

As soon as I’m tucked neatly under the blanket and sheet with him, he presses against my side. “Do you feel what you do to me?”

“Yes,” I reply breathily, reaching my hand down to touch him. I’ve made out with him, but this time is different. I should be nervous, but I’m not.

His full lips press to my mouth once, and then as if he can’t decide where to kiss me next, he lands on the corner of my mouth. Moving my hand, I keep a firm grip. My heart beats fast and hard in my chest as he struggles to concentrate.

Momentarily losing himself, he rushes his body, pushing against me.

“Fuck,” he utters under his breath.

My hip is abandoned. His hand doesn’t slip but purposely claims the apex of my legs. Cupping. Teasing, Slipping a finger inside me. “Ah,” I moan, forgetting everything I was doing.

“Don’t stop, okay?” he says.

I take the long way to the tip of his erection and back down leisurely again. “Okay.”

But the tip of his finger has me on the edge of burning in ecstasy. “Joshua . . .” The back of my head digs into the pillow.

Scooting higher on the mattress, he kisses my exposed neck and abandons me. My head shoots up to see where he’s going. “What are you doing?”

“I want to take care of you.”

“You were.” I don’t mean to snap, but I’m wound so tight it makes me anxious.

A roguish grin slides in with amusement. “With my mouth.”

“Oh!” I lie back with no argument, but my eyes are wide open and my body is stiff as a board.

It must be obvious because he chuckles. “Do you want me down here?” I nod, and his palms slowly spread my legs. “Relax for me. Okay?”

“Okay,” I manage to mutter, releasing the grip I have on the sheets and stretching my fingers. Wedging between my legs, he takes control of my body with a simple kiss between my legs, his mouth firm and determined.

Medically speaking, I know how my body works, but I didn’t know it could purr until now. His tongue dips inside, and I moan in response, my back arching.

Swirling my fingers through his hair elicits his own response. The sounds of his heavy breath and hot heat wafting across my skin send me over the edge. An orgasm hits fast, and I fall hard before sinking to the mattress.

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