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She cups my face and kisses me. “Thank you.” Her eyes brighten again, and my job here is done. “Come on. You’re going to love this room.”

“Why is that?”

She dashes up like a kid on Christmas making a run for the presents, and I’m the gift at the top of her wish list. “Because I’ll be in there naked.”

“Naked, huh? I’m in.” I grab my carry-on and hurry after her. I’m given a quick tour of the location of her door before she’s off again. I find her lying across the bed in the last room on the right. A sexy vixen looking to do more than bend some rules.

“Shut the door and lock it,” she says.

Doing as I’m told, I then walk to the edge of the king-size bed. Even a bulky sweater doesn’t deter the dirty thoughts I’m having about her or the desire to lick the curve where her waist meets her hips just under the hem. “Seducing me with your daddy downstairs, Miss Fox? You’re a very bad girl.”

Stripping off her sweater, she tosses it, hitting my face, and then reaches into her pocket and tosses two condoms on the bed in front of me.

“Big plans there, cowgirl?”

Scooting closer, she rubs against my growing erection. “It’s big all right.” I’m pushed backward, and she climbs over, straddling me. The tip of her finger runs down the bridge of my nose and then stops at the center of my mouth. “Do you think we can keep our voices down?”

“We can try.”

She slides off the bed, and her skirt comes down as do the rest of her clothes. Mine are yanked off right after. When the condom is tossed onto my stomach in a not so subtle hint, I’m happy to oblige, already so ready for her, and slip it on. Sitting up, she drags her tongue over that sexy lower lip and then rubs her hands over her fantastic tits, teasing me and herself. It’s a gloriously sexy sight to see.

Positioned over me, she latches her eyes onto mine with her palms pressed to my chest, slowly sliding down my length. But the sensation overwhelms, causing her head to fall back and her mouth to drop open. I understand because my eyes close, and I savor the feel of her riding me.

Wrapping my arms around her, I sit up while she moves to her own rhythm on top of me. She caresses my face, letting little moans escape along with breaths against my skin. I’ve learned her wants and needs. She likes eye contact at first and then a little hair tug that exposes her neck. Her desire has me craving more.

Taking me deeper, she lifts and lowers, her fingers twisting into my hair. I grab the back of her head and bring her mouth to mine, our tongues tasting the pleasure we each offer. “Joshua,” she moans on the cusp of ecstasy. I slide my hand between us and circle her clit while kissing her neck. A harsh breath is taken before her body begins to tremor with my name on her lips. “I love you.” Breathless, she falls right after.

We lie together under the covers, staring through the picturesque windows. A sheen of sweat covers us despite the weather turning blustery on the other side of the glass. “I should probably leave before somebody notices I’m gone.” Turning to look up at me, she says, “But you make it hard to leave this bed.”

“Good.” I hold her tighter, not ready for her to go. “Stay. We can nap.”

She wiggles, pushing up to rest on her elbows. “I need to shower and meet up with my mom. She should be home, and I’m helping with the final party prep.” Pointing toward the bathroom, she adds, “I got you something for tonight.”

“You got me something for your birthday? I think you’re confused with how this works,” I say through a laugh.

“Well, you barely even let me celebrate yours at all and refused to let me get you anything.”

Waggling my eyebrows, I smirk. “I got something all right, better than any present you could buy.”

“If you consider sex a present, then I’m happy to spoil you rotten. As for the one in the bathroom, I hope you like it anyway.” Under musical laughter, she smiles and then kisses me on the chest before climbing out of bed. “Knock on my door at six, and we can go to the party together.”

“Why does this suddenly sound like a bigger event than I thought?”

“You’ve met my mom. She doesn’t do anything low-key.”

She slips on her skirt and then the sweater.

“A few balloons and a cake and boom, you got yourself a party.” I start resting my eyes, but then I get the hint, sitting up abruptly. “Wait, is this a big party or like a normal get-together for your family?”

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