Beth hoped she wasn’t the flavor of the month. Until she was certain, she’d have to guard her heart. Her body, that belonged to Forge.

As she mounted the bike behind him, wrapping her arms around his hard waist, she marveled at the new sensations flooding her body. Her stomach was full of delicious food, and her pussy still hyper-sensitive. When the bike roared to life, it vibrated against her clit, nearly bringing her to another orgasm. She stifled a gasp and shifted in her seat. Forge looked to the side, a sly smirk on his face. God, he knew. How did he know?

She bit her lip as they raced down the road.

Time slipped away as they traveled along the lonely roadways lined with trees and sheer rock. A while later, they pulled up to a set of streetlights. It was civilization. Stores lined the streets ahead and there were some people on the sidewalks. Forge’s home was in the middle of nowhere, so this was different.

When the light turned green, he drove down the street before turning into a strip mall. Her nerves flared up. It felt like every set of eyes turned their way as the motorcycle crawled along the parking lot. The Harley engine rumbled, announcing their arrival. Did they know she’d been bought and sold? Were they judging her?

The more she looked at the people, the more she realized it was fear in their eyes. Forge’s presence, the revving of his motor, and likely his reputation had these people keeping their distance. For some reason, it turned her on. She was the woman on his bike, and he’d just had his mouth on her cunt. Beth felt a sense of power being Forge’s woman.

But she wasn’t really his woman. Not really. She was a novelty, and she didn’t have faith their unorthodox relationship would last the test of time.

For now, she’d soak up the affection, even if it was only skin deep. It was as much as she’d ever received.

Forge pulled in front of a clothing store and cut the engine. He set a booted foot on the ground, the leather of his jacket creaking when he moved to the side. “This is our stop.”

She carefully slipped off the bike, her legs feeling wobbly for a minute once on solid ground. Beth watched as Forge came to stand next to her. He was tall, jacked, and stood out in the outdoor plaza. He certainly didn’t look intimidated or concerned.

Forge jutted his chin at the store and began walking to the entrance. She followed, looking from side to side, very aware of their distant audience.

Little bells chimed against the glass door as they entered the store. No background music or lull of conversations broke up the silence. Forge unceremoniously walked between the spinning racks of clothing, leafing through some of the clothes with little interest.

“Pick something,” he said. “Whatever you need.”

He then sat down on a plastic chair he found near the side wall. She felt his eyes on her, and it heated her from the inside out. His long legs were splayed, his arms behind his head as he stretched out his shoulders.

That was when she heard the faintest noise, noticing the store employee gawking at Forge. A stirring of jealousy swirled in her gut. It didn’t help that the woman was gorgeous, tall, and thin. The opposite of Beth. She cringed, imagining Forge taking in every inch of the other woman. When she glanced back at him, he was scrolling through his phone.

He probably hadn’t noticed her yet.

Beth began rummaging through the racks. She wasn’t sure what she should get. It was difficult to wrap her head around the fact she was never leaving Forge’s compound. She hoped she wouldn’t become club pussy when he tired of her.

She pulled out a few shirts and held them up to her body. One was a pretty shade of pink. She wanted to look good for Forge. Right now, she had nothing but a few of his hand-me-downs that didn’t fit right.

“Our largest size is extra-large. Sorry,” said the girl.

Beth froze in place, unable to move or speak. She was horrified, humiliated, and wondering where she could run before the tears started falling. It wasn’t her body that upset her, but the cruel look in the girl’s eyes when she said the hateful words. This was the story of her life, and now Forge was witness to it.

“Did she fucking ask you?” asked Forge. “Keep your mouth shut unless she asks you a damn question. Understand?” His tone left zero room for argument. There was no desire in his eyes, only a wicked glare.

The girl apologized and began folding clothes at the other end of the store while Beth shopped. Forge didn’t say anything to her about it, and she was glad for it. He continued to use his phone. Beth picked several pants, shirts, sweaters, shorts, and a cute nightgown. She also got essentials: socks, underwear, and hair accessories she found at the counter.