“All done?” he asked when she returned to him.

She nodded.

“Good, we still have a couple stops to make.” He got up, stretching out his long body as he pulled his wallet out.

The girl rang up the order. It was more expensive than she thought, but he didn’t seem fazed. Everything in the store was high quality. When he handed the cash to the clerk, he didn’t release the bills, making her gasp and look him in the eye. “Next time we come in here, you’ll show my woman the respect she deserves.”

He only released the cash when she confirmed.

Once they were outside, Forge secured the bags on his bike. Then he reached out and took her hand, leading her back to the sidewalk.

“Aren’t you worried someone will steal our stuff?” she asked as they walked away.

“Oh, I’d love to see them try.”

He stopped in front of a store that looked like one of those X-rated places. She wanted no part of it, and her nerves started to flare up. Beth didn’t want to become a sex toy for the club. Was that her father’s intention? Forge’s?

Everything was so new, and she couldn’t trust anyone yet.

“What? You want me to go in there?”


She shook her head. “I’m not a whore. Just because I let you do what you did to me doesn’t mean I’ll let any man near my body. You’re the first—”

“I know, Beth. This is all for me, baby girl.” He ushered her inside. There were racks of skimpy lingerie and sex toys on the wall. She felt intensely out of place.

“What do you want me to do, Forge? You heard that girl, I’m too big for stuff like this.”

“Don’t listen to bitches, Beth. You’re a queen. My queen. And I want that body on display for me. You’re mine. That’s not changing, so you better get used to it.”

She felt herself getting wet, so she shifted her legs. The permanence he offered was music to her ears after a life of being unwanted and always expecting to be cast out as the bastard child. She craved his attention and devotion like a drug.

She cautiously fingered through the lingerie, not sure what to pick or how to react to being in an adult store. Yes, she was twenty-four, but she’d been unnaturally sheltered all of her life … until recently. Her father had forced her to digest a world of X-rated material in a matter of days. It was a disgusting shock she wanted no part of.

Forge was a completely different beast.

“Out of the store. We need about thirty minutes before you come back. Lock up behind you.”

Beth whirled around to see who Forge was talking to. All she could see were two store employees, one man and one woman, rushing from the store. The rattle of keys followed their exit. The windows were already covered to keep innocent eyes from peeking in the X-rated store. She couldn’t believe they listened to him.

“They’ll call the cops,” she said. “They’ll say you’re robbing the store.” Her voice was almost a whisper, hoarse from arousal. Beth knew damn well Forge always got his way.

“They know what’s good for them.” He took measured steps around the store, touching the odd piece of lingerie as he circled her. She held her breath as he got closer. “What’s your favorite color?”

She swallowed hard before answering. “Probably pink.”

He nodded. “Good choice. They say red is for whores, and you’re my sweet virgin, aren’t you, Beth?”

Her pussy throbbed. He spoke slowly, enunciating every syllable. Was he going to touch her, kiss her, more? They were alone, barricaded in a store made for sex.

“You bought me.”

He cocked an eyebrow. “Best purchase I’ve ever made.”

“Are you so sure? You barely know me, Forge.”

A barely-there smile appeared at the corner of his lips. “I love the way you say my name.” He kept coming closer, making her heart rate increase. “And I can’t wait to see you model for me.”

She frowned.

He briefly flipped through the hangers on the rack until he found a pink number that would barely cover her nipples and pussy. “Perfect. Try it on.”


“I can’t. How? Where?”

Her nerves were palpable, but it was endearing. One thing she needed to learn was not to hide herself from him. He wanted to explore her body and have every inch etched on his memory.

“Right here. Right now. Take off your clothes and put this one.” He handed it to her and went to grab a chair from behind the counter and set it in the large entry of the store.

“I can go in the changing room.”


“I’m … shy.”

He chuckled. “You weren’t shy an hour ago.”

“That was different. I was covered.”

Forge frowned. She was ashamed of herself, and that bitch from the clothing store didn’t help. The only way for him to prove she was perfect and turn him rock hard was to get her out of her comfort zone. He had a lot of plans for her.

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