“Now, Beth. Or did you want to wait for the workers to come back and watch?”

Her eyes widened. She looked like a scared kitten, but as much as he wanted to take away her worries, he needed to show her there was a gorgeous sensual being hidden underneath all the bullshit lies she’d been fed all her life.

She had no fucking clue how much those curves turned him on. Huge, heavy tits, soft curves, and rounded hips—exactly how a woman was meant to be in his eyes.

Beth pulled the t-shirt off over her head. Her bra barely contained her breasts. Next, she wiggled out of her pants, stepping out of them a moment later.

“Is that good enough?”

He couldn’t stand the sadness and fear in her eyes. It reminded him of the night her bastard father brought her to him in the night. He’d stripped her naked in front of a group of strange men. All he’d wanted to do was whisk her away, keep her for himself.

Things were different now, but it would take time to earn her trust. He knew that. And he was up to the task.

But it went two ways, and Beth needed to trust him not to cheat, or take, or deceive. He wasn’t a good man, but he wouldn’t hurt his woman.

“I love what I see, baby.” He palmed his cock through his pants as he was getting uncomfortable in the confines of his jeans. “But it all needs to come off. Be a good girl for me.”

The little compliment chased away some of the fear. After a few months with him, her confidence would be night and day. She unclasped her bra from behind, holding the cups against her chest as she took in a deep breath. Then the bra slipped to the ground with her other clothes. Her tits were sloppy and gorgeous. He wanted to get up and fuck her right now over the damn counter, but he reined in his needs because the show had to go on.

“Everything,” he reminded. Forge clenched his teeth. He’d never seen anything so fucking sexy in his life.

She bent down as she slid her panties right off, leaving her completely nude.

“Such a good girl. You have no idea how much you turn me on.” He shifted in his seat, more uncomfortable by the second. “Now put on that pink number.”

He couldn’t wait to fuck her, fill her with his seed, and bring a new generation into the fray. Her body was made for breeding. Just the thought nearly put him over the edge. He wasn’t used to controlling his beast. He took what he wanted when he wanted it.

Beth was his little treasure.

She slid the lingerie over her curves, pulling and pinching it into place. There wasn’t much to it, but she looked hot as hell. Her nipples were covered and the small dusting of hair between her legs was hidden. There wasn’t much else left to his imagination.

“Oh, we’ll be taking that one,” he said. “Give me a little spin, baby.”

She did as told, turning around for his inspection.

He stood up, groaning as his cock pressed tight against his zipper. Forge reached the wall near the checkout and picked out a few choice toys. He set them down on the counter. Then he used a curled finger to beckon her closer.

“Know what these are?”

“I think so. Well, not that one,” she said, pointing at the butt plug.

He squeezed some lube from a new tube on the counter onto his finger. “Lean over,” he said, pressing her against the counter. Forge kissed her bare shoulder, then trailed individual kisses up her neck. Simultaneously, he used the lubed finger to tease her asshole, caressing, rimming the tight little hole.

She gasped, her hands curling into fists. As he slowly slid his finger deep into her ass, she let out a series of desperate moans. He held his finger in place and whispered in her ear. “This is mine, too. Every inch of this body belongs to me.”


“That toy goes right here. It’ll help prepare you for my cock.” He carefully slid his finger out, using the wet wipes to clean up. “That’ll be later, though. When you’re ready.”

She hadn’t moved, still leaning in place, her tits pressed against the wooden stand.

“Turn around.”

She did as told but attempted her cover herself with her arms. He shook his head.

Forge moved the thin pink straps to the side, exposing her breasts. He licked his lips. “Why would you hide these from me? You’re my fantasy turned reality, Beth. I want to drown in these tits.” He held her sides and he lower to one knee in front of her. Her nipples were big, dusky pink, and aroused. He flicked his tongue over her nipple, and she let out a stuttering gasp.

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