He suckled her entire areola into his mouth, savoring the feel of her. Cradling her tits in his hands, he held them up so he could lavish both with this tongue and mouth.

“I want these in my face every morning, baby girl. Feed these to me and I’ll be a happy man.”

She combed her fingers into his hair and her eyes glazed over. The fear was gone. The insecurities vanishing as her lust continued to spiral higher and higher. He could feel her desire, her need, and savored it

“I’m a deep sleeper,” she muttered. “You’ll be up before me.”

“Then I’ll wake you up with my tongue in your pussy. Would you like that?”

She nodded without hesitation, her eyes now closed and head tossed back.

He rose to his feet, suckling her neck and teasing the erogenous zones around her ear. With his free hand, he teased her clit, rubbing her in vigorous circles. She was so fucking wet.

“Fuck me, Forge. Please,” she panted.

He chuckled. “You have less willpower than me? That’s dangerous, sweetheart. I’m not fucking you now, just playing.”

“It’s not nice to tease.”

“You know what this one is?” He held up a vibrating dick.

She bit her lip and gave a little nod. Forge ripped it from its packaging and turned it on the lowest setting. It wouldn’t take much to get her off when she was this far gone. He held under her shoulders and hoisted her up to sit on the countertop.

“Spread your legs. Nice and wide.”

She did as told, exposing her slick pink pussy, shimmering from her own natural juices. So receptive and ripe … but he had to wait to claim her properly.

“How can you hide this from me? Look how pretty you are.”

She looked down as he traced the folds of her pussy with a fingertip. She quivered and gripped his shoulders. Together, they watched as he slid the tip of his finger into her hungry cunt. Then he pulled away and placed the vibrating toy against her clit. She jolted and cried out, leaning back on her elbows as he moved the toy dick exactly where she needed it.

“Let me watch you come, baby. Look at me when it happens. Don’t close your eyes.”

She arched up, gasping and whining as her orgasm rushed to the surface. But she maintained eye contact as she came. He tossed the dick and cupped her throbbing pussy with a firm hand. “All over my hand. Such a good girl.” She slowly softened, her rigid body relaxing as the peak faded away.

Forge helped her down and cleaned them both up.

He cupped her face, staring into her eyes before kissing her on the mouth, savoring everything about her. She was innocence personified, and all for him.

“Half hour’s up, sweetheart. You better get dressed.”

Once she heard the clatter of keys outside, she scooped up her clothes and ran to the back of the store. He watched her cute little ass jiggle until it was out of sight.

Chapter Five

Beth had been with Forge for over two weeks now, and it was still a challenge for her to get used to his lifestyle. For one, he never took her back to a house or private residence. Nope, her place was in the clubhouse, mainly in his bedroom, which did bore her. More often than not, she found herself looking out of the window at his men down below.

The way they behaved with the women, it shocked her. She wasn’t used to such blatant displays of attention. The women were all over the men. A couple of times she’d seen them in their skimpy outfits trying to get it on with Forge, but he didn’t seem interested. He’d give them a look or say something that had them scampering.

A small thrill went through her whenever she saw him refuse other women. Afterward, he’d look up at her and offer her a little smile. He’d never give her the cold glare that she’d come to see he dished out for everyone else.

At night, he came to her bed, at least he did when he wasn’t out doing something. “Business,” he called it, but she wasn’t so naïve. When music started to play, she knew it meant the club had returned.

This morning, she’d gone searching for breakfast. She’d tried to find something to eat when she thought most of the men and women were gone. Of course, that wasn’t always the case and she’d heard a couple of prospects talking about the club going out to send a message. Again, she didn’t know for what or for whom. Just looking at the club, she knew she would never want them to try to send her any kind of message. They scared her.

If Forge was back, why hadn’t he come to say hi? For three days, he’d been gone and she felt a little lonely. And worried.

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