He grabbed her hand and before she could say or do anything else, he pulled her out of the bedroom. She wouldn’t have minded if he wanted to have sex.

He pulled her outside, keeping an arm wrapped around her.

“Do not look at the ground. Don’t even think of feeling guilty. You keep your head up high and look straight ahead. These women know they’ll never have what you have. You’ve got all of me and none of them are ever going to get that chance.”

His words did offer her comfort and she followed him outside. The scent of barbeque was heavy in the air. Several of the men and women were crowded around dustbins that had been lit.

Forge put his hand on her hip, leading her to one.

No one said anything as she put her hands out over the heat. The night air was a little cold. She already had on a sweater to try to ward off the chill.

“Are you hungry?” Forge asked.

She nodded. She hadn’t eaten since breakfast.

With him gone, she’d been trying to limit the times she’d gone to the kitchen, not to starve herself, but because she didn’t want any interaction.

“You’re a quiet thing, aren’t you?” a guy to her left said. She turned her head but she didn’t know who he was. He looked scary and most of the bikers all had some varying degrees of scars.

She froze.

He laughed. “The name’s Hound. You’re going to need to speak up to be heard here. Being Forge’s woman will only get you so far. Don’t mind the bitches either. Forge put the word out. Remember you’re the one in charge here when it comes to them. Forge has staked his claim on you. It means you’re above them in the scheme of things. You want them gone, they’re gone.”

She looked toward the women who were watching her. “They don’t like me.”

“You took the ultimate prize. The brothers know the only reason some bitches stick around is for the prez. They want him. They want to be the special person to own him, but you came along with a debt and claimed him.” He chuckled. “Now they’ve got to try to settle for the VP or one of the best guys here to even think about having a good life.”

“Stop trying to scare my woman,” Forge said, coming toward her.

He handed her a plate of food and she took it. The burger was full and rather than complain, she tried her best to get her mouth around it. So far, so good.

No embarrassment and his men weren’t looking at her like some kind of disgusting thing.


Peterson would die soon.

There was no way Forge could let the bastard live with how he’d brought up Beth. For nearly two weeks, he’d seen her, watched her, always up at the fucking window looking down. At first, he did think she was shy, then when he had to go on a road trip to help enforce the lines of his turf by pushing out some crashers, he’d thought it would bring her out.

It didn’t.

She’d stayed in the bedroom and he’d listened to Romy, one of the sluts who’d been with them for a couple of years, claiming the other woman was too good for them all.

He’d deal with Romy, but he noticed the whore had made herself scarce. When she first arrived, Romy had made it clear she only wanted to fuck as many men that would have her. Now, he was pissed off because she was clearly about causing trouble and he didn’t like trouble.

Slowly, minute by minute, he watched as Beth started to relax. She wasn’t used to being around men or people. Whatever her father had fucking done to her, it made him sick to his stomach and also made him want to kill people. Peterson would die slowly. All he was waiting for was the right moment to do the deed. His position in the political ring complicated things, but it was only a matter of time.

He’d been away from Beth for too long and he didn’t plan to go on another road trip any time soon. He wanted to break her out of her shell, and the only way to do that was to be with her.

She was delicate.


And he’d also noticed a jealous streak.

Someone started to play some sexy, sensual music. Women rushed toward the men, in different states of undress. He knew it was a competition for the women to wear as little as possible to get the most men in one night. He wasn’t interested in their games.

He pulled Beth into his arms, drawing her away from the fire. Taking her arms, he wrapped them around his neck, holding on to her hips.

“What are we doing?”


She looked around and he shook his head.

“No, you don’t look anywhere else but at me. I’m the one that is important here, no one else.” She didn’t need to see Hound had two women, one he was fingering, while the other was rubbing his cock.

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