The man restraining her held her up.

“What is this?” he asked.

“This … is my bastard daughter. No one knows about her but me. This is Beth Peterson. The result of an unfortunate affair with the nanny. As far as anyone is concerned, she works for me. Only those closest to me know who she truly is.”

“And why would I want the offspring you won’t even claim?” Forge asked. “I can get any pussy I want.”

“Exactly. You can have any. I can have a doctor confirm my daughter is … a virgin. No man has ever touched her and I know, I’ve made sure of it. I knew one day she’d come in useful and seeing as you’re surrounded by very loose women, I figured something tight and hot would do the trick.”

With each word Peterson spoke, Forge watched the daughter. She hung her head in shame. She didn’t like her father and what he was doing scared her, but there was something else. She was used to this kind of treatment.

“Open it,” Peterson said.

Without waiting, the guard tore the robe off Beth’s body, showing her to everyone, including his men.

Forge gritted his teeth as he wanted to bash Peterson’s head in. When she tried to cover herself, the guard held her arms out, stopping her from doing exactly that. He wanted to slam his fist into the bastard’s face but he wasn’t going to get the satisfaction. Not today.

Beth’s body was beautiful. Curves in all the right places. Heavy tits. Nice rounded hips. The kind designed to lure a man to hold on to. Breeding hips. For a moment, he wondered how she would look with a nice rounded stomach, full of his child.

“And she’s a virgin. No man has ever touched her. If you’d like, I can get this confirmed for you. You’ll be the first and only man to ever be between her pretty thighs.”

It wasn’t her virginity he was after, or even her body, even though he intended to have both. What Peterson didn’t realize was that he was about to give away a wealth of knowledge. After this, Forge intended to do whatever it took to bring this bastard to his knees. He didn’t like bullies, or any man who thought they could use power like this to fuck with others.

She sniffled.

He wanted to protect her.

“And what do you hope to get of this?” Forge asked.

“The debt wiped clean.”

“No,” Forge said.

“Do you have any idea how much a virgin would gain at an auction?” Peterson asked. “Millions of dollars.”

“I’m taking the girl and I’ll be getting my money. You like your cushy life, don’t you? The power you wield. If you think to take the girl after giving her to me, you’ll be out of office by the morning and your wealth, what little of it you have left along with the power, will be wiped out.” He stepped up close. “Do you want to try me on this?”


“An extension is all you get. Nothing more.” He looked toward Beth, seeing her shake. “You lost any power of reducing the bill when you allowed others to look at her. Cover her up.”

The guard quickly put her robe back on and he nodded, satisfied. Holding out his hand, he waited for her to step toward him.

“Do we have a deal or do you want to test my patience even more?” Forge asked.

“Fine. Yes, an extension is exactly what I need. Go, Beth. Be a good girl like I’ve told you to always be.”

She was shoved toward him and he held her close, feeling just how scared she was.

Her tremors angered him. He would take care of her and she was going to tell him every single detail about her father and his business.


“You’re nothing but a whore. You were made with a whore and that’s exactly what you are.”

All her life, Beth knew how much her father despised her and his wife. They couldn’t have her mother running off and telling the media how he took advantage of her. So, they’d kept her at home during the whole pregnancy, only for her mother to die giving birth to her, and Peterson had seen it as a way of making millions of potential viewers loving him. He had designs for the big job and to do that, he had to be memorable. So he took in his nanny’s child, and Beth, she rarely went out. They wouldn’t allow her.

She was nothing more than a slave within the Peterson household until there was a need for her to smile at the camera and to pretend everything was okay. She hated pretending. Forcing a smile to her lips so people assumed she was happy.

Glancing around the room she’d been locked in, she felt sick to her stomach.

Her father hadn’t lied.

She was a virgin.