She was gagged, her eyes closed. Her beautiful body slumped in a corner. He checked the sender, certain his heart had stopped beating.


The fucking little whore had screwed him over. Did she think he liked to play games?

She was in for a surprise.

Forge wouldn’t be showing her any mercy, and his brothers lived for revenge.

Chapter Seven

They hadn’t raped her.

The fact she was trying to find anything positive was a surprise. She couldn’t see because of the bag over her head. They were all laughing at her, and she hated it. They’d hurt her. Her clothes had stayed on while they each took a turn to poke, punch, or kick her. Blood ran down from her nose and her lip was split. Her entire body ached.

“I mean, come on, gentlemen, don’t you think this bitch is worth anything?” Romy pulled the cover they had put over her head. The men had all laughed at her, saying she was even too ugly to beat up.

Tears filled her eyes as she looked into Romy’s. The woman hated her.

Romy began to strip, layer by layer, and the men began to howl as if it was the best thing they had ever seen.

“Look at me, guys, and then look at that. She’s nothing.” Romy cupped her small breasts. “I can move without my entire body shaking.” She began to gyrate her hips. Blade approached her from behind, putting one hand on her stomach, the other on her tit.

“Yeah, you show her how it’s done.”

“You know she’s a virgin,” Romy said. “She wouldn’t even know how to suck a cock properly or take it deep in her throat. I know how to do all of those things.”

“Show her how it’s done. Show her that Forge will never want her, not when he’s got you.”

Romy got to her knees and Beth looked away. This wasn’t what she wanted to see.

“I suggest you watch, fat girl. You’re going to see how it’s really done or I can beat you some more. I don’t mind hurting you to get what I want,” Blade said.

Beth couldn’t stomach pain. She had no choice but to watch as Romy took out Blade’s cock. He was already hard. He wrapped his fingers around her long hair and as Romy took him into her mouth, she let out a moan.

The men around them began to chant.

“Swallow him. Swallow him. Swallow him.”

All she could think about was Forge. Would he know where she was? Would he even care? Maybe this wasn’t the first time he’d bought a woman.

One of the other men approached Romy but the woman on her knees didn’t push him away. Bending her body so she was on her hands and knees, he ran his fingers down her back, spread her ass open, and took out his cock. With Blade in her mouth, the other man took her from behind.

Romy stopped sucking enough to smile at her. “You’ll never be good enough for any man. You’re fat, useless, and one day, Forge will use you and push you aside. He’s always had a thing for me. He knows what I can do. Not a single part of me is off-limits to him. Just like all of these men. They want a slut, Beth. You’re not a slut. You’re too clean. Too perfect and real men like their women dirty.”

The man behind her pulled out and turned her so Beth had no choice but to watch as he fed his dick into her ass.

Romy reached behind her and spread her ass wide. “That’s it, baby, fuck it. Take my ass.”

She felt sick to her stomach. This wasn’t just for a show though. After the man was done with Romy, coming inside her, Blade finished on her face, and other men came to take their places.

Over and over, Romy taunted her, told her how useless she was.

The words weren’t exactly lies. Her father had told her repeatedly she was good for nothing. This just confirmed it. While she’d been living in a fantasy land, Forge was in the real world. He wasn’t her prince, nor she was his princess. No, he was her owner.

He’d bought her.

She was nothing.

He couldn’t even bring himself to fuck her.

All of a sudden, the tension in the room mounted as one of the guys, a young prospect as his label was printed over the back of his jacket, came rushing in.

“Forge just killed Mel. He’s got the entire club at the gates. He wants his woman and Romy, now.”

Blade stood up, wiping his nose where he’d just sniffed some white powder. What the hell was happening? Forge had come for her?

“What?” Blade asked.

“He … he wants to talk to you.”

“Ah, this is going to be fun,” Blade said.

Beth screamed as he pulled her to her feet by her hair. The pain was intense as he marched her out of his clubhouse. Romy also came out, completely naked, like a queen, her head held high.