“I love you,” she said. It wasn’t a lie. Since coming here, their unorthodox relationship had grown and flourished. He was attentive and patient, even though he was usually the opposite with everyone else. It made her feel special for the first time in her life.

“Big words.” She saw the satisfaction written on his face. Beth was just glad he wasn’t angry. Or didn’t laugh. “Lift up your arms. Let me see my tits.”

She exhaled her relief and did as told. He pulled away her t-shirt. She’d just showered, so she had no undergarments on. Her heavy breasts sloped out into sensitive pink tips. He cupped them together, kissing her nipples until she couldn’t help but gasp. Forge looked up at her as he sucked her into his mouth, his tongue teasing around her areola.

He was unrelenting. When she finally reached out to grab his hair, he stepped back and shrugged off his leather jacket. He tossed it onto a chair then tugged off his shirt. She stared without apology. His hard, ripped body, covered in ink, was her ultimate fantasy. And he was all hers.

Beth ran her hands over both his shoulders, loving the feel of his skin.

Power. Strength. All male.

“I want you, Forge. I can’t wait another day.”


“If I have to.”

He chuckled as he unbuckled his thick leather belt, the jangle of metal on metal putting her desires into overdrive. Was he going to take her virginity? Was today the day?

“Lift your hips.” He slid away her shorts, leaving her completely nude. The cool wood of the dresser top made her pussy tingle. She worried her wetness would be noticeable. “You don’t have to beg. If you want me, I’m yours.”

“Kiss me then,” she said.

He placed both hands on the dresser at either side of her and leaned in close. “Such a pretty girl,” he whispered. “And that cherry of yours is all mine.” Forge kissed her—deeply, thoroughly, and with enough passion to make the entire world go away. There was no past, no worries, just the two of them.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, never wanting this to end. The intensity, the purity, and what she hoped was a mutual love. She wanted to be Forge’s in every way.

He carried her to the bed as she clung to him, her legs around his waist. Forge lowered her to her back, the muted rays of the pink sunset filtering into the room. He towered over her, his broad shoulders imposing as he stared down at her nude body. There was hunger in his eyes.

“Hold your legs open.” When she became reluctant, he shook his head. “I already know you’re wet. You’re hungry for cock, and I’m going to give it to you. Hold her knees open and let me see that pussy.”

She did as told, feeling so exposed as she held her legs open for his inspection. Beth watched with rapt fascination and he kicked off his pants. She’s seen naked men, and every time had disgusted her. Right now, she wanted to see Forge. She wanted him deep inside her, anything to take away the ache that had been growing by the week.

“You wanted to know about today? It was all for you,” he said. “Blade’s dead.”

If that was supposed to be foreplay talk … it was working. “What?”

“Anyone who hurts you or tries to take you from me will meet the same fate.” When he removed his boxer briefs, his hard cock springing free, she couldn’t look away. She forgot what he’d just said and focused on the size of him.

He noticed her staring. “It’ll hurt today, but later on, you’ll be glad I have good cock.”

She wasn’t sure what the rating scale for men was, but he was definitely more than just good.

Beth tried to refocus on what he’d said about Blade. Why should she care about that animal? Knowing Forge had sought revenge filled her with satisfaction. But shouldn’t she be more upset about someone being killed?

Without thinking, she blurted, “You’re a murderer.”

He shrugged nonchalantly. “I never claimed to be an accountant, baby. You know exactly what I am, and that’s why you’re in my bed. Begging to be fucked.”

Okay, maybe, but still…

Beth’s mind raced. Blade’s death and Forge’s fierceness pleased her more than they should. Those facts scared her. She should be horrified. What was she becoming?

“Don’t think about it,” he said, bracing an arm at the side of her head as he leaned down. He licked along the shell of her ear, making her shiver. “I never hesitated. I’d do it again. For you.”

She closed her eyes as he sucked the lobe of her ear, hitting erogenous zone after erogenous zone. “Should I be afraid of you?”

“No, not you.” He kissed down her neck, his free hand running along her inner thigh. “You’re my treasure.”

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