“But I’m not. I’m right here with you.” She kissed his lips.

His cock swelled even more and she moaned.

“I’m not a fucking animal. Tell me to stop and I will.”

“I don’t want you to stop.”

Forge smirked. “Did you like me inside you?”


“Do you want me to be inside you again?”


“Tell me, let me hear those dirty words on your lips.”

Her cheeks heated and she couldn’t resist smiling. “You want me to be all dirty for you?”

“Yes.” His grip on her ass tightened, causing her to exhale on a moan. “Whenever you’re in this room and we’re in private, I want you to unleash that dirty girl. I know you can do it.”

“I want your big cock inside me.”

He pulled her close, kissing her hard and she cried out, gripping his shoulders. Grinding her pussy on his lap, she whimpered his name.

“Oh yeah, that’s what I want to hear, baby.” He broke the kiss to trail his lips to her neck. She cried out as he bit down, sucking on her pulse. Pleasure shot through her entire body. She pressed her tits against his chest, anything to be flush against him.

Forge wrapped her hair around his fist, pulling her back. She cried out, not in pain but in pleasure as his mouth took one of her nipples between his teeth. He bit down but soothed out the pain with his tongue.

She closed her eyes and with that sense gone, it was like her body awakened in all the best ways possible.

The hand on her hip moved between her thighs and he started to stroke her pussy. He massaged her clit before sliding lower. Forge plunged two fingers inside her pussy, and she rocked on his hand, needing more.

“Am I blowing your mind?” he asked.


“Good. I want you to be completely blown away by me. To think of only me.”

“You are all I think about.”

“I own you, Beth.”

“You own me.” He hadn’t said he loved her, had he? Not once had he mentioned his true feelings. She had no doubt that he cared for her in his own way, but was that really love? She was a possession to him. It didn’t matter what she was or wasn’t. Forge owned her heart, and he owned her.

It wasn’t the perfect solution but it was going to have to do.

She watched him as he licked over her nipples. He stopped playing with her pussy to press her tits together, his fingers slick with her arousal.

“You’re all mine.” He bit down on her breast and she cried out.

Within seconds, he had her laid back on the bed. Hoisting her ass up, he held her against him as he licked her pussy. “I never knew how good it could be to have a woman all to myself to claim as my own, but you, Beth, I fucking love it.” He plunged his tongue inside her and she couldn’t keep his name off her lips. He was a beast.

He flipped her over so she was on all fours.

Looking over her shoulder at him, she frowned. What was he doing?

He spread her ass wide and stroked across her anus. She tensed up.

“Baby, there is so much I want to show you.” He pressed against her pussy and stroked her cream back, slicking up her asshole.

One hand pressed to her pussy, strumming her clit. He shoved a finger inside her as he stroked over her asshole, pushing for entry.

She tensed up and he tutted. “Don’t keep me out.”

“This is wrong.”

“It’s not. Nothing is wrong.” He kissed her ass. “Relax and trust me.” He nibbled on her cheek and he turned his fingers inside her pussy, stroking over a spot within her that made all thought leave her.

She cried out and as she pressed back, the finger at her ass penetrated her. She was on fire. There was pain but what he was doing to her pussy overrode all logic.

“Yes, yes,” she said, moaning his name. “Please.”

“I’m going to fuck this ass one day, baby. I’m going to fill you and you’re going to be all mine.” He added a second finger, stretching her ass for him. It was the oddest sensation, a mix of pressure and a unique illicit pleasure.

His thumb stroked over her clit, and it was like an inferno. He lit the flame and she became totally consumed by all of him. Her release was the most powerful she’d ever felt. The aftershocks made her shudder and ache in ways she’d never experienced before.

Forge kissed her and she felt the bed move.

Rolling over, she saw he’d gone to the bathroom and on his return, he climbed on the bed, kissing her pussy.

“I’m going to get you used to having me in your ass,” he said. “For now, I want to fill your pussy with more of my cum.” He spread her legs wide and she didn’t have the energy to resist. The tip of his cock teased her entrance and she moaned his name as inch by inch, he sank inside her. He slammed in deep, filling her to overflowing.

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