“I don’t give a shit what the whores like. They’ve got dicks to ride. They don’t need mine.”

“We all know it’s yours they want.”

“Correction. It’s my title they’re interested in. They want to rule over this club and this town.”

“Do you really think she has what it takes to be your old lady?”

“It doesn’t matter. She’s going to be my old lady.” He didn’t look away from Beth. He knew she wasn’t part of the club life. She was too sweet and loving. He’d do anything to keep those traits of hers. She was a breath of fresh air in all of his darkness.

He craved her.

She gave him a purpose that went beyond being a Prez. Was she already pregnant? Would she grant him another reason to live, to bask in the joy of being with her?

“You may have to step up then because some of the women aren’t going to fall in line.”

“They’ll do as they’re told if they want to live. It’s as simple as that. I don’t have to explain myself to you, or to anyone. I do whatever the hell I want.”

Hound nodded. “I’ve got news about Peterson. You asked for me to keep an eye out and it would seem he’s got debts with a lot of people.”

“It’s not hard to imagine that. He’s a fucker who thinks he’s invincible.”

“Yeah, and news is, he’s attempting to sell us out. He says he’s got inside information.”

“What?” He pulled his gaze away to look at Hound.

“The only person who can give him inside information is Beth. Look, Prez, I know you want to believe she’s sweet and innocent, but it could all be fake to get under your skin.”

“Don’t even finish that fucking sentence,” Forge said.

“You need to question her.”

“I don’t. Find Peterson. Bring him to me. I’ll deal with this bullshit once and for all. He’s the one telling tales. It’s time I rip out his tongue.”

He got to his feet and marched across the yard. When he grabbed Beth’s wrist, she let out a yelp, but he didn’t stop until he’d dragged her far enough away from the prying eyes of the club.

No one would stop him. If Hound believed Beth would sell them out, then the club would vote for him to hurt her until she gave up the truth.

“Forge, what’s going on?” she asked.

He pressed her against the nearest tree, wrapping his fingers around her neck, he didn’t squeeze but the intention was there.

Her eyes went wide as she looked at him. “Forge?”

“When was the last time you spoke to your father?”


“You heard me. Don’t provoke me and don’t lie to me. The cage you’re in can get very fucking painful. I only need kids from you, nothing else.”

Tears filled her eyes and it fucking killed him to see them. He was the cause. You know she’s not capable of harming the club.

It didn’t matter. As club president, it was his job to keep everyone safe and Beth posed a threat.

“Answer me.”

“When he gave me to you.”

He slowly tightened his grip. She could still breathe. “If you’re lying to me, I’ll find out.”

“I’m not lying. I promise. I wouldn’t do that. I’m not lying.” She started to cry. Her hands went to his wrists. “Please don’t hurt me. I came with nothing. I don’t have a cell phone, or internet access. I can’t get into contact with him. Why are you doing this to me? I’ve done nothing wrong.”

“Then why is he saying he’s got inside information?”

“I don’t know.” She sobbed. “What could I tell him? That you like black coffee or whipped cream on your apple pie? There is nothing I can tell him about you or the club.”

He saw the truth and he let her go.

What had he done?

He stepped closer to her and she stumbled back. Her actions were so rushed she fell over. She scrambled to get to her feet and when she did, she whirled around, shooting him glares. Her hand went to her throat.

“I didn’t hurt you.”

“You were going to. I’ve been there for you. I’ve been open. I told you that I love you and you still think I’d betray you?”

“Beth, the club would want to know answers.”

“Why not ask me? Why did you have to scare me and threaten me? I’ve done nothing to you.” She wiped at her face even as more tears spilled down her cheeks.

He attempted to get near her but she shook her head. “No!” She screamed the word. “I don’t want you coming anywhere near me.”

“Don’t forget who owns you.”

She laughed. The sound wasn’t happy. No, it was full of grief that he’d put there. “Of course. How could I ever forget? I’m just someone to be used. To get pregnant and not care about. There’s no way I’d be able to think for my own. I’m not loyal, am I? I’m nothing more than a piece of meat to you.”

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