Freedom. If only she kept on running. He’d chase her. She wanted him to chase her, to try to take her out and not hurt her newfound friend.

Pumping her legs, she cleared the gate and took several feet around the corner out of reach of the deserted clubhouse. Strong arms wrapped around her waist and began to pull her back.

“Let me go!” she screamed, thrashing, hitting his hands, and because she was such a bad shot, she landed a couple of blows to her own stomach. She didn’t give up fighting.

Men accusing her of betraying them, being sold to them, telling her how she wasn’t important—it all pissed her off. Their time for hurting her had come to an end. She was done with the entire lot of them. All of them could rot in hell for all she cared.

“Get off me. Let me go.”

He pulled her back to the clubhouse, up near his bike. As she reached behind her to claw out his eyeballs, he threw her across the clubhouse parking lot ground. She skidded in the dirt.

“I’m starting to see what he’s fallen for. You are a little wildcat, aren’t you?”

She got to her feet. Her body ached from the impact. He rushed toward her and shoved her again hard.

Beth cried out as she landed on her butt. The impact jarred her entire body.

She screamed harder as he grabbed her hair and lifted her up, but he wasn’t done with her there. She had no choice but to follow as he led her all the way around the back.

“You know, I was going to make this easy. Send you to his enemies, let them play with you, but I think I deserve a taste of that golden pussy, don’t you?” He lifted up her head up and slapped her.

The force sent her to the ground.

She cupped her cheek, glaring up at him. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Forge is a fighter. He can’t have women making him weak, and you make him so fucking weak, he’s nothing more than a laughing stock. He needs to fight or he’s done for. You … you’re a weakness. I need you gone.”

“Forge loves me.”

“I know and that’s the problem. You see, when you weren’t in his life, he was more than happy to fight over turf. The club’s expanding. He could lead the entire fucking club, have chapters in every state, on every fucking continent, but you… No, now he’s focused on breeding you like a little whore. You and your virgin pussy. Well, now I’ve got to wonder if it’s really all worth it.”

She watched him start to lower his zipper and she’d seen enough.

Rolling onto her knees, she started to crawl away.

Hound chuckled. “Go on, beautiful, show me that sweet ass. You know, maybe I won’t fuck your pussy. I wonder if he’s taken your ass. He likes to fuck them, you know. He likes to make them burn. I’ll break you in for him.”

You’ve got to get away.

Fight, for Forge.

She cried out as his body pressed against her ass. His hands cupped her hips, tugging at her jeans. She’d worn a belt and had tightened it up. Those suckers weren’t coming down unless he tore them off her or opened the belt, and she wasn’t going to give him that chance. She struggled out of his hold and tried to get free, kicking back.

He grabbed her hair, tugging her back so she had no choice but to lift up. The pain in her head exploded as he hit her.

She was so going to cut her hair off if she survived all of this. She was tired of having her hair pulled.

He worked the button on her jeans open and dropped her to the ground. He still needed to fight to get them off.

Reaching across the ground, she found what she was looking for, a stone. She was done being a woman who just took what men decided she should take. This man had betrayed Forge and even if she didn’t completely like her man right now, he was still hers.

She still loved him.

Holding the rock tightly, she looked behind her. Hound was too busy concentrating on her jeans, trying to pull them down. She hit him hard over the head with the rock. She’d taken him completely by surprise, so there was no way for him to defend himself against the attack.

Dropping the stone, she scrambled out of his hold and ran back toward the clubhouse’s main entrance, only this time, she went into the main room and came to a stop.

She didn’t know how it was possible, but Forge and several of his men were standing there. Dog had Sable up in his arms.

Panting for breath, her vision a little blurry from being hit, she rushed toward him. Even if she didn’t want to forgive him easily, he was still hers, and she needed him to keep her safe.