She held one of her breasts up for him. He leaned in and suckled as much as he could take in his mouth. Her eyes lolled back in her head, pleasure streaking through her.

“I’ve missed these tits.”

“They’re all yours, every inch of my body belongs to you. Claim what’s yours, Forge. All of me.”

He slid off his stool and cleared off the low gun table. After yanking off his t-shirt, he placed it on the wooden surface and hoisted her up to sit on it. His warm bare skin and hard muscles made her wild with need. She ran her hands all over every inked inch from the cords of muscle on his shoulders to his massive biceps. He was perfect.

“Touch me,” she begged. “I’m hot all over.”

“You’ll have to wait, baby.”

“What?” Beth couldn’t wait.

“You want me to claim all of you? You know what that means.”

Yes, she knew he’d pick up on that. That was the plan. She just didn’t want to ask for anal by name. As much as it piqued her curiosity, she was also terrified because his cock was so big. “I’m scared,” she admitted.

“That’s because you have a little virgin ass. But you’re tougher than you look. Soon you’ll be begging for it.” He winked and motioned for her to stay put and wait for him.

As Forge returned, she watched every muscle in his body flex as he walked. The man was a work of art. And all hers. He set down a tube of lube beside her on the table with a small bag, and her heart raced.

This was actually going to happen.

He’d teased her asshole numerous times, always telling her she’d give it to him willingly one day. Beth never thought she’d actually follow through, but she trusted Forge not to hurt her. And wanted this to happen.

“What are you going to do?” she asked, watching him intently.

“First, I’m going to fuck this beautiful pussy.” He yanked her to the edge of the table, unbuckled, and within seconds, filled her with his cock. She gasped, the sudden fullness making her forget everything but the raw pleasure coursing through her. “Nice and wet. You’re always ready for me, aren’t you, baby?”

“Oh, God…” She forgot how sex with Forge felt. It was like transcending to another plane of existence.

He held her hips and thrust hard, filling her over and over again. Beth wrapped her arms around his shoulders, holding on as he fucked her. By the time she was close to orgasm, slipping away into that blissful state, he pulled out.

“Forge?” She gasped, barely able to catch her breath. “Don’t stop.”

“Time for me to claim my ass.” He grabbed the tube of lube and helped her off the table. All she wanted was the orgasm he’d just stolen, her pussy achy and empty.

“Relax for me, Beth.” He turned her around and pressed down on her back. Her breasts flattened against the low wooden table. She heard the spurt of lube, then his cool, moist fingers pressed into her tight asshole. The sudden penetration burned and she began to panic. The hand against her back held her in place, and his deep voice soothed away her fears. “Relax, baby. Push back against my fingers. Don’t hold your breath.”

His confidence helped calm her nerves somewhat. She did as told and he replaced his fingers with the head of his huge cock. He was covered in slippery lube, making it hard for him to penetrate her.

He used his free hand to rub rhythmic circles over her clit as he continued to feed his cock into her ass. She couldn’t help but tense, but he’d scold her each time. Once he was inside her a couple of inches, he stopped and focused on her clit.

“How you feeling, baby?”

“It hurts. You’re too big.”

“Want me to stop?”

She shook her head, knowing she was physically capable and didn’t want to turn back now. The filthy fantasies had invaded her thoughts for weeks, so she didn’t want to quit. She was intrigued, and as she grew accustomed to the intrusion, tightening around him, Beth wanted more.

“The worst part is over. I’m looking at my dick inside your ass right now. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

He brought both his hands to her hips now and pushed deeper and deeper until fully seated in her ass. She could feel his cock throbbing, so big and hard. His groans made her hotter.

“Fucking perfect, Beth. Such a good girl. This virgin ass is all mine.”

Within minutes, he began a slow thrust, careful not to hurt her. In and out, in and out. The pain was gone, and the pressure was morphing into something dirty and delicious.

She liked it. Craved it.

Her orgasm was building, ten times more powerful. She bunched up his shirt in her fists as he rammed her from behind. The pleasure was new and unique, more erotic than anything they’d shared. Coupled with being in the open air of his forge, she quickly lost control, her ass contracting around his erection.