“You’re so damn tight.” Forge groaned as he came inside her, hot jets of cum filling her ass. He kissed her bare back, his semi-flaccid cock slipping out.

He opened the small bag he’d brought with him and pulled out a moist washcloth. It was still warm as he soothed it over her ass and legs, cleaning her up.

“Not too bad was it?” he asked, kissing her shoulder.

She turned around and bit her lip to keep from smiling. “Not bad at all.”


The night was in full swing. Sparks from the bonfire danced up into the pitch-black sky. Music, laughter, and the occasional gunshot set the mood. An engine revved. A woman squealed. His club knew how to have a good time. They’d planned out this night, complete with enough food and booze to last them for days.

Forge sat on the periphery with Beth on his lap. “This was a good idea.”

“It’s the first day of forever,” she said, leaning closer to kiss him.

He took a deep breath, feeling relaxed and at peace. The night was warm with barely a breeze, but it was comfortable. Crickets droned behind them in the fields.

“I have something to tell you,” she whispered in his ear. “Something important.”

“Sure, baby. Tell me anything.”

Several shots fired in the distance, followed by screams. Not the good kind. He sat up straight, Beth slipping to her feet.

“What’s happening?” she asked.

He reached for the gun in his shoulder harness, pulling it free. “Stay here.”

More screams. It was so fucking dark, he couldn’t see anything beyond the few fires burning around the yard. A couple of his men ran toward him.

“Someone’s taking shots. Old Boy’s down,” said Redneck.

Dog was there, checking on him. He didn’t need a fucking babysitter. “Find them now. Bring whoever it is to me.”

The gates were closed. He had no clue how his rivals could have gotten in the club. They’d been extra cautious since Hound screwed him over. He’d made a promise to keep Beth safe.

The muffle flash was the next thing he saw before white-hot pain shot through his arm, his gun skidding across the gravel and out of sight. “Fuck!”

His first thought was Beth. More shots fired in their direction.

“Forge!” Beth cried out. Fear rang in her voice.

“Stay down!” Forge could make out a shadowy image coming closer. Another bullet zinged by him. Way too close for comfort.

“Boss!” Dog was nearby, firing back. When his VP cursed and dropped to the ground, Forge knew he had to end this—even if it cost him his life. His woman, his club, they would live on.

“You should have picked me!” It was Romy’s voice. That little bitch had gotten out of her cage, and Forge immediately regretted keeping her on ice rather than ending her the day they’d captured her. “Now you’re going to die. Was she worth it?”

He had no gun.

There was nowhere to take cover.

Someone turned on the floodlights near the entrance, sending a soft wash of light to their end of the rear yard. He immediately looked for Beth. She was on the ground, on her stomach, holding his gun in her outstretched hands.

She looked toward him, fear dancing in her eyes.

“What did I teach you?” he shouted over the uproar in the club.

Beth nodded once, shifted her gaze, and pulled the trigger. Romy fell to the ground, and his men immediately swooped in, guns blazing now that they weren’t night blind.

He exhaled and sat down in the dirt. Beth rushed over to him, tears staining her pretty face. “Are you okay? Oh, my God, Forge, you’re shot!”

“I’m fine, baby. Don’t cry.”

Dog hobbled over to him. “Boss, you alive?”

Forge raised an eyebrow. Redneck leant him a hand, and he got to his feet.

His VP was shot in the leg. They’d both live. More gunshot wounds for their collections. At least it wasn’t a breach of their gates. Just a loose end, and he wouldn’t make that mistake again. He should have known better.

“How’s Old Boy?” asked Forge.

“He’ll live,” said Redneck. “The doctor’s on his way. Won’t be long.”

Everyone began fanning out, doing damage control. Beth threw herself into his arms once he was on his feet. He held her close and kissed her on the top of her head.

“She wanted to kill you,” said Beth.

“Romy was a crazy bitch,” he said. “But you … you saved my life.”

“I just did what you taught me.”

He couldn’t be prouder of his little hellcat. Beth had wanted to learn how to protect herself, and those lessons had paid off. She didn’t realize it now, but her actions would ripple through the club and earn her the respect of the brothers and old ladies. It would be different from this day onward. His word was one thing, but Beth’s actions would be a game changer. They began walking toward the clubhouse. The doctor would come and tend his arm, so he’d wait in their room. Beth was too shaken up for his liking, and he wanted to get her comfortable and away from the drama. Her kitten always seemed to calm her and bring her joy. He tolerated it … and it may be growing on him. Although he’d never tell her that.

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