“Why are we in such a hurry?” I asked him as he sped up the hill and toward the main road.

He shot one look at me. The darkness was there drawing me in. I knew that look. It haunted my dreams. “Because if I don’t fuck you soon I’m going to explode.”

My breath caught. I closed my eyes tightly. Anticipation for what I knew was to come made me feel alive for the first time in months. A good girl, a normal girl, wouldn’t do this when Bray Sutton told her he wanted to fuck her. She’d expect . . . no she would demand more respect. Or at least affection, love even.

Not me. I was ready to strip for the man knowing this was nothing more than physical attraction. Getting what he was told he couldn’t have.

“I swear to God if you are sitting over there changing your mind I’ll make you beg for it with my head between your legs.”

And that was why Bray Sutton was impossible to resist. He was beautiful on the outside and the devil on the inside.


DISTANCE WASN’T AN option. Too much thought and she’d change her mind. If she did it would be easier on me. After she was gone again. Damned if I cared about that right now. Whiskey could help later. Right now, I wanted Scarlet.

I turned and headed around the property and back toward the lake. Normally, that wouldn’t be a safe spot, but with everyone at the wedding it would be deserted. No chance of one of my brothers showing up.

Scarlet fidgeted with her hands and it was like the clock was ticking. I was in a race to get her there and make sure she didn’t decide this was a bad idea. Because it was a terrible fucking idea. I’d had eight months to get over her. To forget this.

It hadn’t eased much, and this was going to make my hunger for her stronger. Maybe she’d want it too and would stay. If I could make it good enough she might not want to leave here again.

“The lake?” she asked with concern in her tone.

“They’re all at the wedding. No one else will be back here. Not today.” I glanced over at her as I parked the truck. “Besides, we’ve fucked here before. When we weren’t sure if we’d get caught or not.”

She turned her head and those eyes that kept showing up in my dreams looked at me. The gleam I used to crave wasn’t there. It hadn’t been all day. She was more reserved. The wild streak that she usually couldn’t control was gone. I missed it. This new Scarlet was intriguing.

“We’re going to regret this,” she said quietly.

“No, baby. I’m not gonna regret a thing. And I’ll make sure you don’t either.” I hated the damn word. Regret. She had thrown it around all day.

Her gaze dropped to her hands and she sighed. Fuck, this was happening. I opened the truck door and got out, making my way to her door to jerk it open. Her eyes were wide with uncertainty. Something else new. She used to be ready for any adventure I tossed at her.

“Come here, Scarlet,” I said firmly. I held out my hand for her to take.

She glanced at my hand a moment. Slowly, too damn slowly, she lifted her hand and slid it into mine. I didn’t waste time. Clasping it tightly, I tugged her just enough so she came out too fast and fell against my chest.

“Oh!” she gasped.

I slammed the door behind her with one hand while holding onto her waist with the other.

I was done with dancing around each other. I was done watching her mouth move and those pink always swollen lips tease me. My mouth captured hers and I inhaled the taste of her. It had been my downfall before. I’d almost forgotten her pull. This was a reminder.

Her hands slid up my arms and grabbed my shoulders. Fingernails biting into my skin. A moan escaped her, and I pulled her closer. This had never been what I enjoyed with females. I normally skipped the kissing. Went right to the fucking. But with Scarlet I liked it all. I needed it all. Her noises, scent, and softness pressed up against me made this almost too damn perfect. Dangerously so.

Reaching for the bottom ruffle of her dress, I’d fought back a growl. That fucking ruffle had brushed her upper thigh when we’d danced, driving me mad. It was now in my hand. I pulled it up roughly and filled my hands with her bare ass. The thong she was wearing left both perfect round cheeks free. Squeezing hard she squealed and wiggled into my hold.

I broke the kiss to bite the skin on her neck and shoulder. Something about the smell of her made me want to bite her. It always had. I couldn’t get enough of the sensation under my teeth. She always reacted as if she enjoyed it and that only fed my crazed obsession.

With my left hand, I grabbed her thigh and jerked it up on my hip while I slid my other hand between her legs. Taking one finger I eased it along the thin piece of lace that did little to cover anything. I never understood thongs but I sure as hell loved the way she looked in them.

“Bray!” she cried out my name as I inserted my finger inside her tight hole. She pressed down on the invasion and made a pleased sound deep in her throat. There had been times when I’d been between her legs while she was sucking my dick. That had been one hell of a view. But at this moment I was completely entranced with the way she looked while I simply fucked her with my finger. This shouldn’t be so damn erotic.

Pulling at her panties, I got them down her thighs where she wiggled out of them until they were on the grass beneath our feet. My dick was pulsing with its own demands. Her hands had moved to my biceps as she squeezed and panted. I wanted more. To have her mouth on me. To see her head as it moved over my dick. To bite the skin between her thighs and make my way up as she squirmed and begged me.

But none of that was going to happen. The control I needed to pace myself was nonexistence. I got my pants unbuttoned with one hand and had them down around my hips with my cock free and standing to attention within seconds. My pulse was pounding so hard I could hear it.

Picking her up I backed her against the truck. Her knees came up to squeeze my waist and I was there. With one deep plunge, I was inside her. The shout that came from me I hadn’t expected but every nerve in my body was alive. Like a man that had been starving and was just given a fucking steak.

“AH! GOD!” Scarlet cried out and her head fell back. I hadn’t even taken the time to get her naked. Her breasts would be in my face right now if I had. She’d made me lose any control I thought I had. I should hate her for it. But damned I was willing to beg her for it.

“You ran from this,” I reminded her rocking back into her as she moaned. “We could have this all the time.” I was going to follow her if she left. This was too good.

“Bray,” her reply was my name in a breathless whisper.

“Tell me what you want.” I demanded.

She blinked trying to focus and her eyes finally found mine. The desire in her gaze had me pumping harder. Faster. This would be over too soon. I needed to make it last.

“Fuck me, don’t stop fucking me. I just want this. Don’t stop.” She trembled and her eyes rolled back in her head.

That was my answer. We’d just keep going. There wouldn’t be an end. I’d fuck her then we’d go again. No need to stop.

“Bray,” she cried. “I’m coming!” her body jerked in my arms.

I clenched my teeth and tried like hell to keep from going off inside her. I wasn’t wearing a condom. I’d have to pull out, but she would get hers first.

Every muscle in my body was tense, waiting as she came apart and floated back down to earth. As she sighed and opened her eyes again, I pulled out and shot my release on her inner thighs and stomach while she watched.

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