I slowly blinked as I shifted my head in his direction, biting my lip and offering up a playful smile. Fuck, he was sexy. His dark hair sat pushed back atop his head matching the flecks in his beard. Creases lined his eyes, but not enough to prove how old he really was. His chocolate eyes dropped to my teeth sinking into my full lip.

I almost gasped when I felt his finger lift my chin and his thumb tugged my flesh free. The touch was innocuous, nothing sexual, but I had to fight from tipping my head and sucking his thumb in my mouth. My breath escaped on a shocked breath, confused by the wanton woman who seemed to be in control of my body.

Maybe Oaklyn was right. I did just need a different scenery to get over Aaron. Maybe I needed to be someone else tonight, to enjoy the experience. God knows Uncle Daniel wouldn’t let me in of his own free will. With that in mind, I pushed my shoulders back and dragged my tongue along my bottom lip, just grazing the tip of his thumb.

The clench of his hand on my chin matched the clenching of my thighs.

“Let me buy you a drink,” my sexy stranger said. “That is if you’re old enough to drink.”

I wasn’t. But the bartender was sitting my order in front of me and I was sure me admitting to being a teenager would send this sophisticated man running.

“I’m here aren’t I?” I taunted, grabbing my glass and avoiding the question. “And I already have one.” I held his gaze, smirking before lifting the glass to my lips and letting the tangy juice and alcohol burn its way down my throat.

“You seem awfully young.”

“Does that bother you?” I asked, shifting my crossed legs toward him.

His eyes dropped to my skirt riding high on my thighs then rising to rest on my chest. I could feel my nipples pebble underneath the shirt, grazing the soft silk. I knew he could see it and I did nothing to hide it.

“No,” he finally admitted. “Does it bother you that I’m older than you?”



My brow furrowed, not prepared for him to ask me why it didn’t bother me. “Is it supposed to?”

“I don’t know. Trying to figure out if you’re looking for something. A sugar daddy? Someone to help with any daddy issues?”

I laughed at the options he laid out. “No daddy issues.”

He took a drink, still staring at me and the heat burning behind his eyes fanned the flames of need inside me. I wanted this man. I wanted him to erase Aaron from my body. I wanted to be reckless and take. The thought of his hands and lips on me, using me in a way that someone as inexperienced as Aaron could never do, made my core weep with need.

Fuck it. I would take it. I would be the wanton woman tonight and have no regrets in the morning. I took one last drink before setting it on the bar and turning back to him. Reaching down, I gripped his hand and placed it on my knee, pulling in a sharp breath at feeling his calloused fingers on my soft skin.

“Maybe I just want someone who knows what to do with me.” I was impressed that my voice didn’t quiver, giving away how nervous and hyped up I was as I moved his hand higher.

When I stopped mid-way, he continued, letting his fingers skim up my skirt on my outer thigh. But his hand was so large, that his thumb was dangerously close to reaching between.

“Well, that I can definitely do.”

“What else can you do?” I challenged.

His hand clenched around my flesh and I sat up straighter, the sting bringing more pleasure than pain.

“Why don’t you come watch with me?”

I swallowed considering all my options. I didn’t really know what everything entailed. I knew there were private rooms and it made me wonder if I was safe with him in a closed off space. My uncle vetted all the members of the club, running background checks and semi-annual checks during their time at Voyeur. I knew everything was handled with extreme caution, but it still crossed my mind.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

I almost laughed when I realized we hadn’t even exchanged names. “Olivia.” He hummed, and his lips tipped up into a small smile, revealing deep dimples. Fuck me, I’d follow this man into a dark alley if he kept smiling at me like that. “What’s yours?”

“You can call me Kent.”

“Okay, Kent.” I liked the way his name sounded coming from my tongue. Would he make me moan it later tonight? I hoped so.

“So, Olivia. Will you come watch with me?”

I gave a slow nod and his thumb slipped lower between my thighs, grazing the crease at my hip before tugging his hand out and grabbing mine. He lifted it slowly and pressed gentle kisses to each of my knuckles sending a shock to my chest with each simple peck, his beard tickling against my skin. I imagined it brushing against my thighs later and had to take a shaky deep breath to control my heart from exploding from desire.

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