“Follow me,” he commanded, tugging me from my chair.

He pulled me behind him as he weaved his way through the bar toward the opening Jackson had led me in through.

Jackson was going to kill me.

At least I’d get a hell of a night, hopefully filled with pleasure before I died. I didn’t need anything else.

Chapter Two

Her hand was small in mine. Soft.

I couldn’t help but imagine what it would feel like when it stroked me. Would she grip me hard, or soft and teasing? My cock strained against my slacks. I wasn’t sure we’d even make it to the backroom before I exploded.

My heart pounded in my chest, excitement about the young woman behind me. I rarely picked women up while I was at Voyeur. I either brought someone with me or went into the back alone. But when I saw her walk in, the lights sparkling off her skirt, drawing my eyes down her long legs, I knew I had to have her.

At the very least, I had to hear her voice, feel her eyes resting on me more than just a teasing glimpse.

Her heels clicked down the hall toward the iPads where we made the selection.

“What are we watching?” she asked.

I looked over my shoulder and almost got lost in the bright blue depths of her eyes. They were wide and screamed an innocence I didn’t quite believe. She seemed so young, but Voyeur was strict about vetting its members. And no one under twenty-one was allowed in.

“Let me surprise you.”

I watched her throat move over a swallow before she nodded and bit her lush bottom lip again. I couldn’t wait to feel the plump flesh under my tongue. She asked for a man who knows what to do with her and my mind was running rampant with all the filthy things I wanted.

Turning back to the iPad, I skimmed the selection.

Threesome, m/m, f/f, m/m/f, BDSM, Group Orgy, Student-Teacher, Office Affair, Anal, Oral, Toys.

So many options and I wanted to watch all of them with her. I smiled seeing some familiar ones I’d helped Daniel pick out over drinks. I’d know him for almost twenty years. We’d concocted the idea of Voyeur when we were young and drunk and somehow, we’d eventually made it into a reality. He ran it, I’d only just invested to help get it off the ground.

After considering all the selections, I settled on a simpler scenario that would do enough to entice, but not too much to distract. I chose to forgo sitting in the same room as the performers and instead selected to watch from behind the one-way glass. I wanted privacy and room for everything I wanted to do.

Hitting enter, I took a deep breath and turned to her. She was leaning against the wall behind me. Hips thrust forward, and breasts pushed out. Her pebbled nipples still taunting me under that flimsy silk she was wearing as a shirt. I could easily rip it from her body and if we were anywhere else, I would.

“So, now what?” she asked softly.

It only took four steps before I stood over her. She was tall in her heels, but the way she leaned back made her much shorter. I liked looking down at her. I wanted to look down at her as she fell to her knees and wrapped those full, red lips around my cock.

“We wait,” I answered.

“How long?”

I smirked hearing the worry behind her words, the need to have something now.

“Maybe thirty minutes. Maybe less.”

Her chin dropped, and her brow pinched in disappointment. She was so confident in the bar, but staring at her now, almost pouting like a little girl, turned me on just as much. It should’ve made me question my morals, but I was too far gone to care.

Placing my finger under her chin, I lifted her gaze back to mine. “Eager?”

She stood to her full height, bringing back the boldness from earlier. “Maybe,” she said with a shrug.

Looking side to side, I took in the empty hallway. I breathed a laugh letting the smile stretch my lips as I stepped into her. Her chest heaved, and I let my finger fall from her chin, grazing down her neck, over her shoulder, playing with the thin strap of her flimsy top. “Just maybe?”

She didn’t answer but swallowed again before slicking her tongue across her lips. I flicked the strap over her shoulder and let it fall where it may, which ended up catching on the tip of her breast like a fucking tease. It upped the anticipation of stripping her down in the room.

Her breathing echoed around us in the hall as she looked toward the entry in the hallway, probably nervous someone would walk down and see us. Not that it mattered.

As long as customers were discreet, Daniel didn’t mind fooling around in the main area.

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