“I guess I have my own confession to make.” My brow furrowed. That was not what I was expecting him to say. “First of all, you’re an adult and I won’t act like me being older makes me qualified to make decisions for you. You decide what you want to do. And while your age should probably make me an old pervert, I don’t give a fuck. You’re sexy and come so beautifully.”

“But…” There had to be a but coming.

“But…” Another deep sigh. “I think it’s only fair that I let you know that Daniel is my friend.”

My eyes grew wide at that. I really hadn’t seen that coming. Oh, shit. Oh, shit.

I wanted my mind to think more, to process his words, but all that was rolling through was ‘oh, shit’ over and over again.

“Maybe if I didn’t know how tight your pussy felt around my fingers, or how sweet you tasted. Maybe if I wasn’t desperate to hear you whimper my name as I fuck you, I’d be a better man and send you home. But I guess I’m not a better man. Because the bottom line is, we’re both adults and neither of us is leading the other one on. You asked for a man who knew what to do with you, and I’m that man.”

My core clenched at his words. It was wrong. It was wrong that I was going to fuck with my uncle’s friend. On paper, people would cringe and think the worst. But in the back hallway of Voyeur, my breast still tender from his assault, my pussy still weeping for more attention, tight and aching, I didn’t care.

“So, I leave the decision in your hands. I’m fine with the consequences, but fair warning, if we go back there, I’m going to make you strip naked in front of me and fuck you.” My breathing sawed in and out of my parted lips. “What’s it going to—”

“Yes,” I said before he could even finish.

He let out a growl and his lips curled up in a feral smile. He was going to devour me, and I couldn’t wait. He turned and dragged me behind him, pulling me into a private room with a leather couch and end tables. It could almost look like a living room. If there wasn’t a wall of shelves holding an assortment of toys and lubes. Or if there wasn’t a wall of glass that showed a bedroom beyond it.

Kent walked to the wall of toys, but my eye was drawn to the bedroom. A naked woman lay across a bed, her arms bound above her to the headboard. She appeared to be asleep. The serenity on her face pulled me in and I stood before the glass taking it all in.

“Does being bound turn you on, Olivia?” Kent asked into the skin of my neck. I tipped my head and let him have access. He nibbled his way up to my ear and bit the soft lobe before dragging his tongue back down again and sucked on my shoulder.

My head jerked to the right when the door to the performance room opened and a man walked in.

“Hello, pet,” the male performer said to the woman on the bed, whose eyes were now open. “Are you ready to cooperate today?”

“Please let me go?” she begged.

Kent’s rough fingertips came up to my shoulder and brushed the straps of my top down. The silk fell, only catching on the tips of my breasts for a moment before falling to my hips. I was in sensory overload taking in the male performer’s hand traveling up the woman’s thigh. Kent’s hands skimmed around my waist before moving up my stomach to cup my breasts.

“You know I can’t do that,” the male said before pushing his fingers between her thighs making her back arch. “But I can make it feel good for you while you’re here. Would you like that?”

Kent’s fingers rolled my nipples bringing them to hardened points. My whimper matched the girl’s on the bed and I thrust my hips back into Kent’s cock. I was desperate for him and I reached my hand behind me, gripping the hard shaft over his pants, rewarded with a grunt.

I moved my other hand behind me and began to free his dick. I needed to feel the warmth and steel of him against my skin. His kisses and touches didn’t stop, and I swear I was about to come just from the pull and tug of his fingers.

“Will you let me make you feel good, Olivia?” Kent asked, biting the skin of my shoulder.

“Please,” I begged.

We both moaned when his erection fell into my hand. I immediately began to stroke him as we both watched the male push the woman’s heels up and wide, exposing her wet pussy to us. They shifted so we could see him as he worked his shoulders between her thighs and dove into feast on her.

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