Kent’s hands left my breasts and went to move my own hands to lay flat on the glass. He then gripped my hips and pulled them back until I was almost folded into a ninety-degree angle at my waist. He was going to fuck me now and I squeezed my core in anticipation. I tried to focus on watching the man’s tongue dip and drag through the woman’s core, but the need flowing through me had my eyes sliding closed.

Kent shoved my skirt up my hips and left me completely exposed. I waited for the blunt head of his cock but almost jumped when, instead, I felt the stiff tip of his tongue lick my clit before moving up and thrusting in my opening.

“Oh, god.”

“I had to see if you tasted even better with my tongue buried directly in the source and I am not disappointed.”

He ate me like a man starved. My fingers clenched against the glass as I rocked back against his face.

“That’s right, Olivia,” Kent encouraged. “Fuck my face. Ride my tongue.”

I did. I couldn’t help it if I tried. And when his large hand palmed my ass before moving a single finger to the tight rosette of my ass, I began to crumble. My whole body locked up as his thumb swirled around the opening no one had ever touched. His tongue flicked fast and hard against my clit and the woman’s cries from the other side battered at my senses. My skin was one electric wire ready to burst.

My eyes flicked open and I dropped my head, looking between my legs to find Kent jerking his cock hard and fast as he ate me out. That image, her cries, and the way his finger breached the opening of my ass, I came. My mouth opened and moan after moan poured from me.

When I somehow came back down, Kent had his front pressed to my back, palming my breast and thrusting his cock up and down the crease of my ass. I lazily looked on to the performance to find the couple fucking but didn’t get a chance to stare before Kent was turning me around and pushing my back against the glass.

I watched his fingers almost tear at the buttons of his shirt exposing a sculpted chest and abs.

“I need to feel those tits against my skin.”

“Yes,” I breathed, unable to do anything but rest against the wall and watch him rip open a condom and slowly slid it over his large cock.

Without preamble, he dipped just enough to grip my ass and hoist me up. I wrapped my legs around him and his cock fell right into place outside my opening.

“You sure,” he asked pushing in just a little.

I gripped his jaw and demanded, “Fuck me.”

He pushed in all the way until his balls rested against my ass. We both moaned as he filled me to the hilt, his girth stretching me to my max. I was so wet that he slipped in perfectly, but the pinch was still deliciously there.

With the couple moaning behind us, he began to fuck me. In and out, hard. The foreplay was over, and Kent was ready for his prize. He pulled back to watch as he thrust harder, making my breasts bounce.

“Promised myself I’d watch these tits bounce for me as I fucked you.”

I loved how he watched me, but I needed to taste him. I dug my hand into his hair and pulled him to me, latching my mouth to his. The taste of whiskey exploded on my tongue as he dueled for supremacy in the kiss. We bit, sucked, and licked at each other’s mouths and he moved faster and harder in me.

“Please, Kent. Please.”

“Come for me, Olivia. Let me feel that pussy squeeze me. Milk my cum from me.”

A few more thrusts and I shattered, moaning his name like it would guide me through the orgasm tearing through me. He did the same, pressing his forehead to my neck and moaning his own release, the grunts vibrating my skin and sending aftershocks through me.

“See how good it can be, pet?” we heard from the other room.

“Thank you, sir,” the woman responded.

“Thank you, Kent,” I said, pressing kisses to his hair.

He breathed a laugh and laid kisses up my neck before pressing gentle pecks to my lips. Then he slipped out and moved me to the couch before disposing of the condom. I looked into the room and saw the couple cuddling on the bed, she was no longer bound but curled into his arms.

A desire to curl into Kent’s arms and have him hold me hit me like a punch to the gut. But I couldn’t ask for that. I’d already asked for too much. If Daniel ever found out… I don’t even know what he would do. Instead, I pulled my skirt down and my shirt back up over my breasts.