He kissed just below my belly button. “But there’s something we need to do first.”

My thoughts were a bit scattered. “What is that?”

“You didn’t go to the infirmary yesterday, right?”

“No.” I opened my eyes and tilted my chin down so I could see him. “I wanted you to be there even if they just tell us we have to go somewhere else.”

Seth looked up and grinned in a way that caused my heart to flop around. “Thank you.”

“Of course.”

His gaze coasted over me. “We need to do that first before the day gets crazy.”

“Agreed.” I caught his gaze and grinned. “We should get ready right now.”

Chuckling, Seth rose once more, climbing over me. “Oh, we are not doing that right now.”

“We’re not?” I placed my hands on his warm shoulders.

His arms were huge and powerful as they came down on either side of my head, planting deep into the mattress. “I think I must’ve misspoken,” he said, his lips brushing mine. “There is one other thing we are going to do first.”

My stomach fluttered. “And what is that?”

“Well, it’s something you’re going to do first.”

Air hitched in my throat as his mouth took control of mine. Folding my arms around him, I held him close. His tongue swept over mine. Then Seth was on the move again, sliding down and taking his sweet time doing so. Somehow my panties were gone. There was nothing between my skin and his hands and mouth. It had to be godly magic, because they seemed to disappear, and then I realized it was magic, because his tongue found the oddly sensitive crease between my thigh and hipbone. I lost my grip on his hair as he worked his way down my inner thigh, nipping at my skin and then soothing the illicit little sting with his tongue. Each sweep of his tongue was like touching a live wire.

I shuddered as his warm breath drifted over the most intimate part of me. “What…what am I going to do first?”

His lips tilted in a downright wicked, mischievous grin. “You’re going to scream my fucking name.”



With Josie’s hand firmly wrapped around mine, we followed the walkway to the two-story building adjacent to the training facilities.

It was still early and only a few students were out milling around, most of them heading to the cafeteria for breakfast.

The sun was bright, the air was warming up, and what I’d done to Josie in that bed still had my body thrumming. Yesterday was fucked up in a whole lot of ways, but today…today was already better.

“How many students do you think are registered here during the summer?” Josie asked.

I glanced over at her. She’d thrown her hair up in some kind of twist that looked like it was seconds from toppling off her head. Had to be some kind of girl magic that kept it up there. “Not sure,” I answered. “If I had to guess, I would say probably a couple of hundred? Maybe a thousand or so.”

“I don’t know if that’s a lot compared to a normal college.” She glanced over at one of the statues of the muses. “But that seems like a lot.”

“Some of the students probably don’t have a home to return to.” I pushed past the cold feeling that poured into my chest. “A lot of them were displaced during the war with Ares. I imagine they use summer courses as a way to have a place to stay.”

She looked over at me. A moment passed, and she squeezed my hand.

“Why are you asking?”

One shoulder lifted. “The campus just seems empty. It’s probably a good thing, with what happened yesterday.”

I nodded. “True.”

Stepping in front of her, I opened the door to the infirmary and led her down a wide hall, to another door that opened into a waiting room.

We walked up to the square window where an older half-blood sat. It was a little strange seeing a half in a position like this. Before the Breed Act, halfs were either Sentinels, Guards, or servants. They weren’t in positions like this, and I doubted this was commonplace yet. The University would be one of the first places employing halfs. The rest of the communities would be slow to follow.

She looked up, and I immediately recognized that she must’ve been a Sentinel or Guard at one point. There was a daimon tag—a bite mark—on the woman’s left cheek.

Fucking daimons.

They were assholes like that.

Her nervous gaze bounced between us. She sensed what we were. “How can I help you?”

“We’d like to talk with a doctor, if one is available,” Josie said.

Still holding onto her hand, I placed one elbow on the ledge and leaned in. “In other words, a doctor needs to be available.”

This time when Josie squeezed my hand, there was nothing reassuring about it. I sent her a wink.

She rolled her eyes.

The woman behind the window nodded. “I have a feeling we have one available. Take a seat.”

Raising my brows at Josie, I backed away from the window, tugging her with me.

“Behave,” she murmured as the secretary disappeared from view.


She pinned me with a knowing look as she sat and reached toward her head, but stopped with a frown. I knew what she was doing. Whenever Josie was anxious, she messed with her hair, twisting the length. She must’ve forgotten she’d pulled her hair up.

Not wanting her to be anxious, I placed my hand on her back and rubbed. “Hey.”

Josie looked over her shoulder at me. “What?”

“After this, we should make a pit stop and grab some bacon.”

Her eyes lit up. “Sold.”

I chuckled as I continued rubbing her back. “Then we’ll go find Alex and Aiden.”

“Sounds like a plan.” She bit down on her lip as she eyed the window. “Keep rubbing my back. I like it.”

Smiling, I leaned forward and kissed her cheek. “Wasn’t planning on stopping.”


Movement out of the corner of my eye caught my attention. It was the secretary. No sooner had the half reappeared behind the window when the door to our right opened and a female pure-blood appeared. She was wearing blue scrubs and a white lab coat. “You two need to see a doctor?” she asked.

I had a feeling that a doctor didn’t normally come out and retrieve the patient, but then again, I doubted the infirmary was accustomed to a god and a demigod asking to see a doctor.

Josie slipped her hand free and stood. “Yes.”

The doctor glanced at me and then nodded, holding the door open. “Together?”

“Of course.” Josie motioned at me and then started forward. Rising from the not-so-comfortable chair, I followed behind her, making a promise that I’d keep my mouth shut and behave, because it was obvious that Josie was nervous.

The doctor waited for us in a narrow hall. If she was wigged out by being in our presence, she didn’t show it. Her expression was one of professional interest and nothing more. “I’m Dr. Morales.” She extended a hand.

“Josie.” She shook the doctor’s hand and then twisted to me. “This is Seth.”

The doctor folded her cool hand around mine. “Nice to meet you both. Why don’t you two step in here?”

Dr. Morales opened the door to a small room that looked like any other normal doctor’s office. Josie hesitated for a moment and then walked over to the exam table and sat on the edge. I stayed close to her, keeping my hand on her back.

“So, what are you two here for?” Dr. Morales took a seat on one of those leather stools with wheels on the legs.

Josie glanced at me, and then drew in a deep breath. Her cheeks flushed a pretty pink. “I’m pregnant and he’s…he’s, um, the father.”

I resisted a grin. Josie was just so damn adorable sometimes.

There was a flicker of surprise that rolled over the doctor’s face. I was sure she didn’t see a lot of people our age having children. Halfs had always been required to take birth control, and pures typically didn’t have children until they were much, much older.

“I don’t know if you know what we are,” Josie added.

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