His chest rumbled with a reply and yet she didn’t hear a word, because a weird whooshing noise was blowing through her brain. Before she could grasp the why and the how, he scraped his stubble up the curve of her jaw in a sensual graze, making her tremble and rock her achingly heavy pelvis against him. Wanting his hardness inside her so, so badly.

When he let loose a feral moan from deep in his throat she did it again. And again. Her frenzied elation ratcheted up when his thumb slipped around her hip to find her sweet spot unerringly and apply just the right amount of pressure to take her to the edge of an almighty orgasm and hold her there.

‘Thane, please.’

‘Dios, Luciana… No bed in here, angel. But I want you to come for me. Hard. I want to hear you cry out my name like you used to.’

‘Yes. Yes…’

Hold on.

Here? No bed in here?

He circled that tight knot of needy nerves and it took everything she had not to tumble into the abyss.

Her lashes were fluttering and her surroundings came to her in flashes. Cream leather seats. Small windows. Like a…like a private jet. And…were they moving?


Luciana jerked backwards, dislodging his hand, blinking frantically, prising her eyes wide, her gaze darting here there and everywhere.

‘What…? Where…? How…?’

She was the only one who was confused and disorientated, she noticed. Because the man whose lap she straddled simply sat there, his chest heaving from their passionate antics, cheeks streaked with colour, watching her with an insufferable blend of satisfaction and wariness.

Down she came, back to earth with shattering intensity. And how she didn’t raise her hand and slap his face she’d never know.

‘You…you bastard.’

Wrenching free, she tumbled backwards off his knee and landed in a messy, graceless heap. Still trembling from the erotic turbulence.

Thane lurched forward in a move to help.

‘Don’t you dare touch me.’ Tears of frustration and anger pooled in her eyes.

Cautiously, he eased back into his chair, a deep V slashing the space between his brows. The look on her face must have said it all, she realised, since this was the first time he’d backed off at her word.

Somehow she clambered to her feet and stood tall before him, sweeping her palms down her black sheath, trying to cover as much of herself as she could before that horrid, vulnerable feeling of being exposed and raw threatened to strip her flesh from her bones.

Fury and self-disgust roiled inside her. Didn’t diminish even when she saw a flicker of doubt and unease pass over his face. Though he soon banked it. It didn’t matter. She would make him rue this day if it was the last thing she did.


‘No. Don’t speak to me.’

Spine pin-straight, she walked towards the other large leather recliner, trying to wrap her mind around her new predicament. What on earth was she going to do now? She—

A thought slammed into her, and she whirled back on a swirling spin of dizzying dread. ‘My bag,’ she said, unable to hide the panic in her voice. ‘Where’s my handbag?’

He was staring out of the small window, rubbing his mouth with the inside of his finger. ‘Sit down, Luciana, we are about to take off.’

‘No, dammit, I won’t!’

Shucking off his wet jacket, he kept his eyes averted. ‘Did you leave it in the car?’

Oh, God.

Her stomach pitched as the jet lifted off the runway, and she grabbed the back of the chair to keep from crumpling to the carpet.

‘Go back down. Land this plane. Right now, Thane. I need my bag. My phone. I need my phone.’

How was she going to call Natanael? Keep in touch with home? Text Nate as she did every morning, noon and night?

Desperation made her beg the man she loathed with every ounce of her being. ‘Thane, please, I need my phone.’

He didn’t turn, still wouldn’t look at her. Just inhaled deeply and closed his eyes for a beat. ‘Where we are going no phone of yours will even work, Luciana. Sit down and leave it.’

She gritted her teeth, mightily glad for the return of that cool, dominant inflection because it evaporated the acidic splash behind her eyes. She would not break. Not in front of this man. Nor any other.

‘I hate you right now,’ she whispered vehemently. Though she suspected she hated herself even more.

One kiss. That was all it had taken to vanquish every thought from her mind.

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