She wanted them off too.

His long fingers went to the fastening and he cocked one brow, faltering—no, teasing, tormenting until her heart beat in her throat, thump-thump-thumping in excitement and exhilaration. Waiting. Wanting.

He unpopped the button. Excruciatingly slow.

Her impatience spiked. Two could play at that game.

She unclipped the front of her bra, but held it closed.

He growled.

She smiled.

And then he shoved the material down his densely corded legs.

Oh, wow.

Lord, she’d forgotten how big the man was. Thane—naked in all his rock-hard, battle-honed glory, frosted by moonlight—was a mind-bending orgasmic pleasure all on its own.

‘You like, angel?’

‘I absolutely love,’ she breathed. ‘Far more than any angel ever should.’

His dark eyes zeroed in on the lacy confection veiling her breasts, which were rising and falling under her laboured breathing, and he dropped back to the chair and unwrapped her as if she were a precious, delectable gift, slowly tugging the lace free. Then with splayed hands he smoothed down her midriff, watching, enraptured, as her flesh shimmied and pimpled in delight.

He’d always used to look at her that way. Fascinated. Glorying in what he could do to her. Just as his restraint had always evaporated when he reached the satin that shrouded the tight curve of her femininity, sending her torn panties somewhere over his left shoulder.

‘This is better,’ he rasped thickly, leaning down, closing in, teasing his tongue along her bottom lip. ‘Much better.’

Possessive and heated and bruising in his intensity, he ravished her mouth, her throat, winding his way down to where he moulded her breast and thumbed her tight nipple. And when his tongue glossed over the plum-coloured peak her sex clenched around thin air, desperate for him to fill the aching void she’d languished in for years.

Arousal at fever-pitch, she hooked her legs around his back and ground against the erection that lay snug over her folds, the sinuous movement pulling a deep groan from his chest and making him suck harder, drawing the tight bud into his mouth. The responding tug in her core ripped an inarticulate cry from her throat.


Feverish, she felt her pulse rocketing into the stratosphere and…heck, she was seconds away from hyperventilating. Had to remind herself to breathe.

‘Patience, Luciana,’ he growled, coercing her legs wide, lifting one up and over the chair-arm, then the other, until she was splayed for his depraved enjoyment.

‘I’m going to kiss you until you can’t breathe,’ he said as he nuzzled down her stomach, grazing her skin with a day’s growth of stubble and glancing up to meet her eyes through the sable fringe of his lashes. ‘Lick you everywhere. Touch you everywhere. And you, Luciana, are going to lie there and take it.’

Oh, yes.

He crawled backwards, like the sleek, rapacious predator he was, dipping his head to drop a hot, open-mouthed kiss to each of her inner thighs. Luciana moaned and lifted her arms above her head to grip the top rail of the chair. Knowing he was about to blow her sky-high. Just the sight of his dark head bent, the feel of his hot breath teasing her throbbing sex, already pushed her to the brink.

‘Oh, God, Thane. Come on—do it, please.’

She was sure he laughed. The callous brute. Though he did make up for it by parting her and raking over her folds, lavishing her with the velvet stroke of his hot tongue. He blew against her, then lashed his tongue once more.

‘You’re so aroused, angel. I forgot how sweet you taste—like honey. I could eat you alive, Luciana.’

She whimpered in shameless pleasure and thrust her hips in a rhythm that matched his tongue. He found her nub unerringly, sucking it into his mouth, and the cords of erotic tension inside her pulled tighter and tighter, until she was a boneless, quivering mass of desire.

‘Thane. I can’t…hold…on…’

She gasped for air. Then cried out when he pushed two thick fingers deep inside her saturated channel and stroked her to a splintering crescendo so magnificent her mind blanked with sensory overload.

Every muscle in her body stiffened and seized for one, two, three beats of her heart—then she exploded. Screamed as hot, hard sexual pleasure short-circuited her every nerve, shocking her into ecstasy so powerful she levitated off the lounger…suspended on an erotic plane, eyes locked on the midnight sky, the stars glittering above her…then literally slammed back to earth.

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