“You planning on sticking around this time?” Liz asked, fixing him with her gaze.

“I’ll marry her tomorrow if she’ll let me,” he answered, his voice not wavering in the slightest.

I turned to face him and saw that without a doubt, he was serious. He cupped my face and held my eyes with his. “Will you, baby? Marry me?” I tried to answer, to say something, but emotion had robbed me of my voice. Tears spilled over and rolled down my cheeks.

He brushed the tears away with his fingertips. “Not today, not tomorrow, but someday?”

I merely nodded and his lips were back on mine. His kiss was anything but innocent, and I quickly forgot about our company when his tongue began flirting with mine.

Liz laughed. “As much as I’d love to stay and see a repeat of that performance, I have a feeling I better go.”

We didn’t even wait for the door to close; Aiden was already tugging the T-shirt over my head, and I lifted my arms to help him. I reached down to unbutton his jeans, finding him hard and ready for me again.

He gazed into my eyes and stroked my bottom lip lovingly with his thumb. “Mine,” he whispered.

“Yes, yours. Only yours. Always.”

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