I gasp at his crude but oh-so-sexy words, and then gasp again as he moves the palm of his hand gently over my breasts, his touch so light it’s barely there and I arch my back, pushing myself towards him, wanting more.

He pulls me towards him roughly and kisses me again with a passion that takes my breath away, entwining his fingers in my long hair and reaching for my breasts to caress them softly. I whimper at his touch and return his kiss with just as much hunger, my fingers gripping his strong shoulders. His thumbs play with my nipples and they stiffen under his teasing touch, then he pushes both of my breasts together, rolling their tips between his fingers. It sends shivers of desire through the length of my body and I stop kissing him and tip my head back, closing my eyes and hearing myself moan with desire. Electricity courses through me and I want him inside me so badly that my pussy throbs wildly between my legs and I can feel my juices soaking my thin cotton panties. I feel as though I could orgasm in his hands just from this, but at the same time I know that it wouldn’t be enough and I wouldn’t want him to stop there. I want all of him. I want to be his.

And I want him to be my first. I have to tell him before this goes any further, but I’m worried he will be angry again and stop, and I don’t ever want him to stop.

Then he bends his head and flicks a stiff tongue over both of my nipples in turn and it feels so good that any coherent thought goes straight out the window. One hand goes to ass and starts to knead my ass cheeks, the tips of his fingers just centimeters away from my aching pussy. I arch myself in his hands, pushing my breasts further towards his mouth and my ass into his hands, letting my body beg for more. His touch is driving me wild and all thoughts of my virginity and my father and any reason why this isn’t a good idea are gone. I’m lost in the moment and all I can think about is how he is making me feel.

Alex pushes me back onto the bed and hooks his thumbs into the sides of my panties, raising an eyebrow at me questioningly. His hair is all rumpled and his lips swollen and he looks gorgeous. In answer I lift my hips so there is room for him to take my underwear off.

“I want to taste you Jenny,” he says. “I want to make you come in my mouth.”

I suck my breath in sharply as I realize that my fantasies are about to come true.

“Yes,” I say, my voice coming out as more of a moan, and he slides my panties down my legs and off my feet. I kick them away and when his large hands grip my thighs, I open them willingly, watching with fascination as he buries his head between my legs. He flicks the edge of his tongue over my swollen clit and I push my hand into my mouth to stifle the scream of pleasure that comes unbidden to my lips. It feels even better than my imagination could ever dream up, and I can already tell from the way my lower belly is contracting that this will be the strongest orgasm I have ever had.

I sigh in frustration and grip his hair, fisting my hand into it as he lifts his mouth away from my pussy and starts to nibble along the inside of my thigh, the touch of his lips feather light and his breath cool against my hot skin. Alex looks up at me and his eyes shine up at me, a wicked gleam in them.

“Please don’t stop,” I beg, flushing at my own neediness.

“Oh, I won’t,” he growls. “I’m going to lick you and suck on you until I feel your juices gush into my mouth.” I feel myself go even redder and I can’t answer him, I’m completely tongue tied. I’ve never talked dirty to anyone and I have no idea where to even start, but I definitely like it. Hearing him speak to me like this does things to my body that I didn’t think possible without actual touch.

Thankfully he doesn’t seem to require an actual answer, as he positions himself in between my legs again. Then, just as his mouth is about to resume contact with my pause, he pauses and looks up at me, his eyes dark and unreadable.

“Do you want to be mine Jenny,” he asks in a ragged voice. “Do you want to be my woman? Only mine?”

“Oh god, yes,” I gasp, my heart leaping in my chest at his words, “I’ve always been yours Alex.”

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