Then he puts his mouth to me again and my body dissolves into bliss.

Chapter Ten


She tastes so goddamn good.

As my lips touch her body, I can taste her juices, and I breath in the musky, womanly scent of her. My cock is rock hard, rubbing almost painfully against the bed, and I can feel myself leaking. I’m so desperate to be inside her. As soon as she confessed her crush on me, I knew I couldn’t hold back anymore. This woman is meant to be mine, it’s as simple and yet as complicated as that.

We can worry about everything else once I have released myself inside her, claimed her body and made her mine.

I can hear Jenny panting as I settle into a rhythm with my tongue, lapping at her as I grip the soft flesh of her inner thighs. She opens her legs wider for me and lifts her hips towards me and I can’t help but smile at her obvious pleasure. She rocks her hips against my mouth, indicating that she wants more and so I pick my pace, responding to her cues and giving her what she needs. I enter her with one finger, groaning at how tight she is as her body clenches around me. My cock is aching so badly for her that I have to slide one hand between my body and the bed, squeezing my shaft hard. My lust for her is so strong that I can barely think straight. All I want is to be inside her. I move my finger in a fluttering motion against the front wall of her pussy and she squeals as I find her sweet spot. I look up at her again, watching the pleasure on her face as I continue the movement.

“You’re beautiful Jenny,” I tell her, and I have never meant anything so much in my life. “I want to watch you orgasm.” I nibble the extra soft skin where her thighs meet her body. “Come for me,” I murmur and put my mouth back on her clit, sucking gently but relentlessly. She is writhing against my mouth now, her fingers twisting in my hair, and I strengthen my movements and push another finger inside her. Her panting is in rhythm with my movements again, building up in intensity and I know she is close as her juices get thicker and saltier in my mouth. She tugs at my hair so hard that it would hurt in any other scenario, then she arches her back like a cat and screams my name, which almost makes me climax myself, hearing my name in her mouth as she comes for me.

I keep my mouth on her as her body shudders and clenches against me and her wetness gushes into my mouth. As she collapses back onto the bed, shivering with aftershocks, I gently kiss around her pussy, lapping at any last drops of her as I carefully take my fingers out of her body.

Feeling a buzz of triumph, I kneel up and watch her. She opens her eyes and smiles lazily at me, her whole body completely relaxed now and her eyes dreamy and heavy lidded. Satisfaction oozes from every pore.

“That was amazing,” she says almost wonderingly.

“For me too,” I tell her. “I want to be inside you Jenny.”

She bites her lip and I can’t help but kiss her again, growling low in my throat. “It turns me on so much when you do that.”

I push my boxer shorts down my thighs and my cock springs to attention, seeking her body. I take her hand and guide it to my shaft, aching for her touch. Her small hand closes around me and I feel myself twitch in her hand and liquid beads at the opening to my shaft. If I don’t get inside her soon, I am going to explode.

I start to lower myself over her, then I feel her tense and see the hesitation in her eyes. Immediately I pull back.

“Jenny? What’s wrong?”

My stomach sinks as I realize that now she is the one that is having second thoughts. As disappointed as I feel, I take my hands off her and sit back, giving her space. She’s looking down at the bed as though she is embarrassed about something, and I get the feeling that this is about more than my friendship with her father. There’s something she’s not telling me.

She looks up at me with those beautiful eyes and takes a deep breath.

“Alex, I have to tell you something,” she says. “I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you before.” She suddenly looks so lost that I just want to wrap her in my arms and tell her everything is going to be okay.

“What is it sweetheart?” I ask her softly.

“I’m a virgin.”

I stare at her as my head scrambles to make sense of her words.

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