She’s a virgin? But that means…

“You mean…you haven’t ever had sex with another man?”

She shakes her head. “I haven’t really done anything other than kiss,” she says. I realize that she looks miserable, as though she is worried that this is going to put me off her or make her want me less. Is she crazy? The idea that no one before me has ever touched her in the way that I just have, never tasted her, never held while she screams in lust, is hands down the sexiest thing I have ever known.

When I take her, and I will take her, she really will be all mine.

“That’s wonderful,” I say, feeling the grin spread over my face. Jenny blinks in surprise.

“It is?”

“Oh yes.”

She looks puzzled.

“But…don’t you mind? I mean, wouldn’t you rather have someone more experienced?”

I reach for her hand and lift it to my lips.

“Jenny, you are what I want.” I look deep into her eyes as I say the words. I hear the truth ringing through them as I finally admit to myself as much as to her how hard and fast I’ve fallen for her. “Knowing I will be the only man to make love to you is the biggest turn on. I said I wanted you to be my woman just now, and I meant it.”

Jenny sucks a breath in sharply and her eyes are shining with happiness and rekindled desire. She reaches for my cock again, and although it feels almost as though I will die if I don’t get inside her in the next five minutes, I move her hand gently away.

Jenny looks puzzled.

“But you just said…?”

“And I meant it. But knowing it’s your first time. I want it to be special, and I don’t want the specter of your Dad hanging over us while we do it. He is home tomorrow right?”

Her eyes go wide.

“You want to tell him?”

“Only if you’re sure that being with me is what you want?” For a moment my gut twists as I think about the possibility that she might say no. After all, a teenage fantasy is one thing, but this has suddenly become very real.

But to my relief she nods slowly and touches my face with her hand. I turn my cheek and kiss her palm, a wave of tenderness for her washing over me.

“Of course, it’s what I want,” she whispers. I pull her to me and kiss her gently on the forehead.

“Let’s get some sleep. We can talk about how we’re going to tell him tomorrow.”

She cuddles up to me with her head on her chest and is asleep within minutes, just like earlier, except this time she’s in my bed, and this time I’m not walking away.

Chapter Eleven

July 3rd


“Morning beautiful.”

I blink and sit up, grinning as memories of last night swim into my consciousness. Alex is standing over me with a mug of coffee and plate of pain au chocolat and my tummy rumbles in response.

“Did you find them in the kitchen?”

“No, while you were sleeping, I went for a run and found a nice little café down by the dunes. I wondered if you like to go there for brunch?”

“That sounds lovely.” A thrill runs through me. So, are we an item now? I don’t want to ask in case he says something to pierce my bubble, but then I remember he wants to tell my Dad. I frown and he catches my expression.

“Something up?”

“You said you wanted to tell my Dad…about last night.”

Alex chuckles. “I don’t think Jeff needs to know any details. But yes, I think we should tell him if we’re going to give this a go and see just exactly what this is between us. I’m not comfortable with sneaking around and lying to him, I don’t operate like that. I want you and I want to be honest about that.”

A man with morals is so sexy.

“He will be angry,” I say with a sigh. At least, I think he will. Dad is a fairly laid back and sensitive guy, but also protective of me, his only child. I’m honestly not sure how he will react.

“If you’re having second thoughts Jenny, I completely understand.”

“About us? Not a chance.”

He smiles at that and caresses my cheek. “Good,” he says softly, “Because now that I’ve got you, I have no intention of ever letting you go.”

His words send a shiver of lust through me and I want to kiss him again but he’s already moved away. I tuck in to my pastry as I watch him walk across the bedroom and sit at his desk. Every movement is controlled and powerful and he reminds me of a tiger stalking the undergrowth. As kind as I know he can be, I can also see how other men must view him, as a man who is not to be messed with. I think about him warning Brad off on the beach and can’t help smiling as I remember the younger man’s wide eyes as he backed off. I’ve known Brad from summers here as a kid and he has a sense of entitlement that would befit a prince. I’ve heard some nasty rumors about him with women too.

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