With the moonlight glinting off her skin and eyes and the breeze from the ocean teasing strands of her hair around her face, she looks almost ethereal, like a goddess. I take her in my arms and kiss her lightly, sucking her lower lip between my own. Spray from the water stings my skin as a large wave comes in, and there’s something wickedly sensual about this whole scenario, that has my cock throbbing against the thin material of my khaki shorts.

I sit down on the shore and pull Jenny on top of me so that she is straddling me, and water laps at the edges of our bodies. I lift her dress over her head and unclip her bra, and her skin is porcelain in the half light.

“God Jenny, I want you so much,” I whisper against her mouth, kneading her breasts in my hands and gently pulling and rolling her nipples until she whimpers in response. I start to suck on one breast and she writhes in my lap, grinding the warmth of her sex against me, palpable through the thin cotton of her panties. I’m aching to have her, my frustration rising to a fever pitch. My cock is so hard it aches to be enclosed in my shorts so I reach between us and unzip myself, gasping as the cool sea air touches my hot skin.

Jenny reaches for me as if by instinct and her hand closes around the shaft of my cock, squeezing boldly.

“It’s so hard,” she says admiringly, “but the skin is so soft, almost silky.”

Knowing I’m the only man she has ever touched in this way makes me feel crazy with desire and I groan loudly as she starts to move her hand from the base to the tip of my cock. I close my eyes and savor the feeling as I continue to play with her perky, full tits.

Unable to cope any more I grab her hips and flip her over before lying her down gently in the sand.

“Shall we move up the beach? We’re going to get a bit wet here.”

“It’s nice,” she says, reaching out and trailing a hand in the edge of the water. “And I’m already wet.”

“So you are.” I slip my fingers under her cotton thong to find her dripping with desire. I want to taste her again.

Taking her wrists, I pin her arms gently over her head and kiss the groove where her neck meets her shoulder. She tastes of cocoa butter, sea salt, and pure woman. She looks up at me, her eyes heavy lidded and dilated, fully surrendered to me and this passion between us. I hear myself growl as I run a trail of kisses across her collarbone and down towards her breasts. Pinning her wrists with one hand I sweep the curve of her body with the other. As I reach her hips she opens her thighs wider, inviting me in. I need to be inside her, but I have to take this slow.

I slide her underwear down her legs and toss them into the sand, making a mental note to buy her a new pair. Maybe something silky. I circle her clit and feel it stiffen under my touch.

“You’re right,” I whisper in her ear. “You are wet.”

She moans and pushes her hips towards me. I slide a finger inside her, continuing to circle her clit with my thumb. Having her underneath me like this, writhing in my arms, is the stuff of fantasies.

“Don’t stop,” she begs as I pull away to move down her body. I look up at her and wink.

“I’m only just getting started,” I promise her. “I’m going to make love to you until you can’t think straight.”

I position myself between her legs and start to gently lap at her clit, teasing her with feather light strokes as I dip one finger in and out of the opening of her pussy. Her juices surge against my mouth, as salty as the ocean that nudges against us, and I suck on her as though she is a ripe fruit while I reach up her body to fondle her breasts.

I look up at her, drinking in the sight of her, and she meets my eyes and moans my name almost deliriously. I love seeing how much she is enjoying this and what my touch can do to her. I add another finger to her pussy, gently stretching her inner walls. I want her ready and open for me.

“Does that feel okay?” I ask, lifting my mouth from her. “Tell me if anything hurts.”

“No, it’s perfect,” she says, her voice coming in pants. That’s exactly what I want to hear, and I can feel her body opening up to me, inviting me in.

I put my mouth back on her and I use my tongue harder and faster now while stroking the front wall of her pussy to find those delicate nerve endings. I see her stomach contract as her inner walls tighten and release around my hand and I know that she is close. She is moaning and whipping her head from side to side and the ends of her hair are wet with sea water. It’s all around us now, just a few centimeters deep. I remove my fingers and put my hands underneath her ass to lift her hips slightly, and as I resume sucking at her she moves her hips in time with the rhythm of my tongue, riding my face, bringing herself off. It’s so erotic that I feel as though I’m going to come straight into the ocean.

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