Jenny screams suddenly and grabs my hair, pushing herself fully onto my face as her body shudders with pleasure as her climax breaks over her body. Her fingers fist in my hair and she arches her back and screams my name, and I’ve never felt such satisfaction in another’s pleasure.

I hold her, drinking every last drop of the rush of wetness that comes with her climax, keeping her tight in my arms as she collapses back onto the sand. When the shocks racking her body subside I kiss gently around her inner thighs and raise myself up on my elbows. She looks down at me with an emotion in her eyes that is all desire and yet so much more.

Her damp hair falls around her flushed face and her breasts are heaving. “You look stunning,” I tell her, reaching up and pulling her into my arms. She looks dreamy and content, but I’m far from finished with her yet and she reaches for my cock with an invitation in her eyes. I push my fingers, wet with her juices, into her mouth and she sucks on them greedily even as she blushes.

“See how amazing you taste. How amazing you are. You do things to me I never thought I would feel.” My mouth feels dry and my tongue thick in my throat.

“Make love to me Alex,” she whispers.

I whip off my shirt and take my considerable weight on my elbows as I position myself between her thighs. The head of my cock nestles into the soft flesh of her pussy, nudging against the opening. I brush her hair back off her face and gaze down at her.

My woman. Mine.

“Are you ready Jenny? Do you want me inside you?” I ask her, knowing this is a no going back moment. She bites her lips and looks up at me with complete trust, and I know I will do everything in my power to make sure I never see this woman hurt. “Are you ready for me Jenny?” I ask her seriously.

She reaches up and strokes my face and I bite her palm softly.

“Yes,” she says softly. As she does so, fireworks erupt over our heads, lighting up the whole beach.

It’s midnight.

“Happy Fourth of July,” I smile.

Chapter Thirteen

July 4th


“Happy Fourth of July,” I echo as rockets explode and red, yellow, pink and orange fireworks seem to cascade around us. Alex gazes into my eyes and slides inside me. He’s thick, and long and I gasp at the unfamiliar sensation but it doesn’t hurt. I’m so wet he moves inside me with little resistance, and a deep ache starts to grow in the core of my body that is strange but not unpleasant.

For a moment he stays completely still, buried inside me as the fireworks continue to go off around us and the waves crash against our bodies. Only when I grab his ass, impatient for me, does he start to move. His body fills mine. Claiming me. Making me his. I left my legs and wrap them tightly around his hips.

There is a look of desire and triumph in his eyes as he gazes at me intently while his cock slowly pumps in and out of my body. I can feel my juices on my thighs from my orgasm.

“Tell me you’re mine,” he says roughly, demanding an answer he already knows.

“I’m yours Alex.”

“My woman.” His face lights up as the sky crackles and sparkles above us.


He starts to pick up his pace, moving faster, harder and deeper inside me in a rhythm that seems to match the waves that are rolling against us. I move with him, somehow my body instinctively knowing how to respond, and draw my nails down his back.

“It feels so good,” I gasp in amazement. “I never imagined it could feel so good.” My words seem to turn him on even more as he groans loudly in my ear.

He continues to fuck me as delicious waves of pleasure roll over my body until I can hardly tell where the sensation ends and the waves of the ocean begins, and the fireworks continue to illuminate the sky above us. I feel delirious with lust, my thoughts narrowing down to one pure focus, me and Alex and the point at which our bodies meet. I know I’m going to orgasm again, and somehow so does he.

“Go on,” he urges me, “Come for me Jenny.”

It is as though his words were the catalyst my body needed as an intense orgasm rushes through my body, rippling in waves from the center of my core to make my fingers, toes and even scalp tingle.

He drives himself hard inside me in one deep thrust and roars into the night as he climaxes. I can feel a rush of heat in my body and know it’s his seed filling me. His cock twitches inside me as he empties himself into me and I wrap my arms around him and bury my face in his neck, holding him as he shudders with the strength of his orgasm, feeling a rush of tenderness.

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