We lie together in a daze, until I realize we are now half submerged in the water. A wave suddenly crashes over us unexpectedly, the salt water a slap against my satiated skin. Alex strokes my cheek.

“I love you,” he says and I stare at him in wonder.

“You do?”

“Yes,” he nods and he looks vulnerable all of a sudden, the need in his eyes raw. The moment is so intense that my eyes fill with tears.

“I love you too,” I whisper, and I know it’s the truth. This is no longer some teenage crush. I’m a woman now, and this is my man.

“We should get back.” He sits up and brings me with him. “The tide is coming in fast now.”

I get up and reach for my dress only to see it bobbing in the water a few yards away.

“Oh no,” I groan. Alex finds his shirt and hands it to me. “Here. It’s a little wet but not as much as your dress will be.” I pull it over my head. Luckily it comes down to my knees, but I hope we don’t bump into anyone we know on the way back.

Back at the house we take a hot shower together to wash off the salt water, lazily kissing and stroking each other, before drying each other and curling up under the duvet. As my head hits his chest, I feel my eyelids flickering.

“Get some sleep baby,” he kisses the top of my head. “It’s going to be a big day tomorrow.”

Ah yes, my Dad. But nothing can burst my bubble right now. I feel deliriously, blissfully happy.

This has happened so quickly it’s almost insane and I know that in so many ways this is a crazy relationship yet it doesn’t feel that way at all. It feels completely right and perfect and I know Dad is going to be angry, but surely when he sees how happy I am he will come round? Alex is the one.

I love him. Completely and utterly to the very depths of my bones, I love this man, and I won’t let anything tear us apart now that he is finally mine.

Not even my father.

Chapter Fourteen


I wake up with the sun streaming through the window and yawn, stretching my arms above my head. Disorientated, for a second I am surprised to find that I’m not alone, but then all of my memories of the night before come back to me.

Jenny is next to me, still fast asleep, an arm thrown over her head. I stroke her naked shoulder, feeling a surge of possessiveness.

My woman. Mine.

And now that she knows it, we just have to convince Jeff.

The love I have for Jenny has consumed me, and no matter how he reacts today I know that it won’t change a thing. I won’t let her go now that I’ve got her. I’ve never felt so protective, in such a primal and wholly instinctive way. When I saw those guys yesterday at the café, and that idiot Brad’s hands on her…well, he is lucky that I didn’t kill him. I won’t let anyone touch her like that, damn my anger management classes.

I feel as though she has filled a void in me that I didn’t even know was there. Even the grief I have carried around for an entire year is soothed just by her presence

I love her, and I’m going to marry her.

It’s probably a little too soon to propose though, I chuckle to myself. I have no intention of stifling whatever her dreams are for the future, in fact I will do everything in my power to make sure that everything she wants, she gets. Just as I have always pursued whatever I’ve wanted. Yet in many ways Jenny chased me and I am only too happy to be caught.

She rolls over and the blanket falls away from her body, revealing those perfect breasts. She blinks as she wakes up, looking up at me still disorientated from sleep, then as the day dawns on her she gives me a smile that is like the sun coming out.

“Morning beautiful,” I say, throwing an arm over her. “Sleep well?”

“Yes,” she yawns again. “Like a baby in fact. Last night was amazing.” She rolls to face me and kisses me on the end of my nose. I run a hand down her supple back and cup her generous ass, kneading a cheek between my fingers. My cock is stiff already. As though reading my mind she reaches for me, squeezing my hard shaft and raising an eyebrow at me.

“Well, you’re certainly wide awake.”

“With your naked body next to me? Of course.”

Her body is pushed up against mine as she strokes my cock slowly, her breasts smashed up against my chest, her skin soft and warm. I stroke her ass and then spank her gently and she gasps shyly, but wiggles against me in a way that shows me she likes it. She squeezes my cock harder and runs the palm of her hand over its now leaking tip, making me groan loudly. I just want to be inside her.

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