I run my hand back up the curves of her body, lingering over her hips and waist before sliding up her ribcage to cup the underside of one breasts, testing its weight in my hand. Her rock hard nipple rubs against my hand.

“I just can’t get enough of you,” I whisper into her ear as I reach for her pussy, circling her inner thigh with my fingers before trailing them over her pussy.

“Can I touch you? Are you sore?” I hesitate, reminding myself that last night was her first time. She shakes her head. “Yes, and no,” she says breathily. I stroke her clit with the pad of my thumb while pushing a finger inside her. She watches me as I play with her, her eyes half closed like a cat’s. She is so beautiful that she takes my breath away.

I push another finger inside her and start to expertly work her pussy, teasing her clit and her sensitive inner front wall at the same time until her juices start to flow around my hand. I want to be inside her. As she continues to manipulate my cock I can feel myself leaking into her hand and I’m aching to spill my seed inside her once again.

“Get on top of me,” I growl and she obliges, straddling my hips so her wet, pink pussy is perched temptingly right above my cock. I reach for her breasts, pushing them together and leaning up to take one into my mouth, sucking hungrily at her soft skin. Her nipples are diamond hard now, puckering at my touch and I can feel the heat of her damp pussy just centimeters above my cock.

“Sit on my cock,” I tell her. She slowly lowers herself onto me, staring into my eyes the whole time. I let out a loud groan as she closes around my aching flesh and she allows herself a self satisfied smile and I can tell that she likes knowing just exactly how much she turns me on.

“That feels so fucking good Jenny,” I tell her and she begins to move on me, finding her rhythm, trying out what feels good for her. I put my hands on her hips but keep them and my body still, letting her set the pace and take her time, even though it is takes every ounce of my self control to not just bend her over and fuck her senseless.

I slide my hands around the back of her hips and start to squeeze her ass cheeks, and she rocks against me harder now, taking my cock to it’s full length inside her. I growl as I see myself completely buried in her beautiful body and start to stroke her clit as she moves. She throws her head back, arching her back and closing her eyes, lost in the moment as she fucks me.

I reach for her hair and wrap my hand in its length as I start to match her rhythm with my own and we move in time together, our bodies bucking together furiously. I’m desperate to come inside her again, to empty myself deep inside her and fill her with my hot seed. Remind her that she is now mine.

“Jenny,” I growl as I move my hands back to her hips and start to drive myself up into her as she puts her hands on my chest to steady herself, her hair falling like a blanket over us. She is so wet that her juices are glistening on her thighs.

She writhes and moans on my cock and I know she’s about to come as her pussy starts to contract around me. I push up deep inside her and I can feel myself throbbing as she grips me hard. She throws her head further back and lets out a long moan as she orgasms around my shaft, her whole body shuddering with the intense feelings and a sheen of sweat breaking out over her golden skin.

The sight is more than I can bear and I orgasm right along with her, a pleasure so intense that it almost hurts ripping through my body and making me bellow as I release inside her in long, hot waves, filling her with every drop that can be milked from my body. She collapses on top of me and I wrap my arms around her as the last waves of my climax begin to subside.

She lies in my arms and we pant, our hearts hammering against each other. Her thighs tremble where they press against my hips. I kiss her neck, then turn her face to me and kiss her all over. She sits up and sighs with contentment, her blue eyes clear and shining with happiness.

I don’t want the moment to end, I would rather lie here with her forever, but I know we have to be getting on. Jeff will be here by a little after lunch time.

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