She nods towards the sand dunes and I feel a rush of pleasure that she wants to spend time with me. I’m not letting her buy me food though. Yes, I know it’s the twenty-first century, but I’m a traditional guy.

“I’ll get the ice creams,” I say. “Just your company is thank you enough.” I wonder if that’s too cheesy too, but the cute flush across her cheeks tells me it was appreciated. We walk over to the kiosk and I’m acutely aware of the nearness of her. She smells of aloe vera and coconut, and I want to taste her. To bury my head in between her legs and make her moan as her juices flow.

This sun is going to my head.

“What do you want?” I ask as we reach the kiosk. She orders a fancy chocolate popsicle and I order a coffee. She looks bemused.

“In this weather?”

“I know, it’s a bad habit,” I shrug.

“No worse than sugar and cream I guess,” she quips as she sits down and unwraps the popsicle.

I can’t watch her eat it. The minute her pink lips close around the chocolate I’m bombarded with the vision of those lips closing around my cock, and I can feel it stiffening in my shorts. Not a good look. I stare out at the ocean instead, concentrating on the lapping of the waves against the beach.

“Tell me about yourself,” I murmur. I want to know everything about her. What she dreams of, what her goals are, what her favorite color is…damn, what brand of toothpaste she uses. All of it.

“What do you want to know?” she says almost teasingly. At least she’s stopped sucking on that damn ice cream. I grin at her.

“Well, most of all, are you single?”

She tips her head back as she laughs and I can’t help but notice the way her breasts shake in her bikini top as she does so. I tear my eyes away as she lowers her head and smiles at me, a playful look in her eyes.

“I’m very single, are you?”

“Yes. I’m a confirmed bachelor.” I don’t miss the fact that she looks pleased.

“Confirmed? So that could never change?”

“If I met the right woman,” I say, holding her gaze. Her eyes meet mine and I see her pupils dilate. She bites her lip almost unconsciously, and it’s such a sexy little move that my eyes drop to her mouth and lust stirs in my belly. I want to kiss her.

She looks away and finishes her ice cream then wipes her mouth delicately with the napkin on the table. Every movement she makes I find weirdly erotic, and I drink her in as though she’s a piece of art, even as I’m aware of this being about much more than the fact that she’s attractive. I don’t want to objectify her, I want to know her. Body and soul.

Okay, in this moment, especially body.

I finish my coffee. I suppose I should get to the beach house, Jeff’s daughter will be there by now. But I don’t want to leave without making sure I can see Jenny again.

“I should get going,” she says, echoing my thoughts. An odd expression comes across her face and I get the impression that there’s something she’s not telling me, but then it’s gone and I wonder if I’m imagining things.

“I’ll walk you to the end of the beach,” I say, and stand up and hold out my arm. She smiles, gets up and takes my arm and we walk towards the steps that lead back up the hills.

“So, do you live around here, or is it a holiday?” I ask as we stroll along, arm in arm. There’s an easy familiarity between us, as if we’ve known each other for years.

“Holiday,” she murmurs. “You?”

This is my chance.

“I’m staying with a friend until the 6th,” I tell her. “Perhaps we could meet up at some point? I would really like to get to know you better.”

She stops walking and turns to face me, her blue eyes wide.

“You would?” she whispers. Her lips are just inches from mine and I can’t stop myself from staring at her mouth again.

“I definitely would,” I confirm. I lean down and lightly brush my lips against hers. I mean it to be a tender peck, no more, but sparks fly the minute our lips touch and suddenly we’re kissing each other passionately with a hunger I’ve never felt before.

Chapter Three


Oh my god, he’s kissing me. I’m kissing Alex.

Lust floods through my whole body as his mouth explores mine, and I lean my body into his with abandon. I’m well aware of the fact that anyone on the beach could see us if they looked up, but I don’t care. I’ve thought about this, fantasized about this for so many years that I’m not about to do anything to stop it from happening now.

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