But I need to tell him who I am, a voice nags at me. A voice that, for now, I’m going to choose to ignore. I’ve wanted this for so long, to feel his arms around me, his body next to mine and his hands on my skin.

One of those hands slides down to my waist and the other curls around my cheek, while I run my fingers through his hair, pulling his head down to meet mine.

I push my hips into his and I can feel the stiffness at his groin that tells me how much he wants me, and just knowing that he desires me makes me moan softly into his mouth. The sound seems to turn him on even more as he grips me tighter and his kiss becomes harder, enough that I’m sure my lips will be swollen afterwards.

He slides a hand up to my body, cupping the underside of my breast and I feel the wetness pool between my legs and my clit throb in expectation. I’ve almost completely forgotten where we are.

“Get a room,” someone shouts from the beach below and he pulls away, chuckling but looking a little embarrassed.

“I’m sorry,” he says, “that wasn’t very gentlemanly of me, but I’ve been wanting to do that since I first set eyes on you.”

That’s not true, I think guiltily. I have to tell him, but how the hell do I break it to him now? I pause and bite my lip. He sees my hesitation and takes a step back.

“I’ve offended you.”

“No,” I reassure him quickly, shaking my head. “No, that was…amazing.”

“I thought so too,” he smiles, looking relieved. “So, when can I see you again?”

I hesitate, but I’m cringing inside as I wonder how he’s going to react. Will he be angry? Or…oh my god…will he tell Dad? Now that reality has hit, I’m starting to realize just how crazy a move this was.

“Erm…probably as soon as you get to where you’re staying,” I say, looking down at my sandals as I shuffle from one foot to the other. When I glance back up at him I see he’s looking bemused.

“What do you mean?”

I take a deep breath.

“I’m Jenny,” I say.

“You told me that already.”

“We’ve met before….I’m Jeff’s daughter.”

I see the confusion on his face give way to clarity, and then his mouth falls open and I catch the unmistakable look of horror in his eyes.

“You…you what? Is this some kind of joke?” There’s an undercurrent of anger in his voice and I shake my head glumly, knowing that the bubble has now well and truly burst.

“No, I’m sorry. I thought you would recognize me.”

“But you…how old are you?” He looks mortified.

“I’m not underage,” I assure him quickly, realizing he’s no doubt totally forgotten my age, if he ever knew it at all. “I’m nearly twenty.”

“So, nineteen then,” he says drily. I nod.

“You’re mad at me,” I say softly. He takes a deep, shuddering breath.

“If that was supposed to be some kind of game, it wasn’t a funny one,” he says and his whole attitude towards me has completely changed now. He takes a step back, his body language closing down and his eyes cold. Withdrawing from me. I want to tell him that I don’t think it’s funny at all, that I have wanted this to happen since I was sixteen and even if he never gives me the time of day again, it would have been worth it for that kiss. But I don’t say any of that. Instead I just say, quietly, “I’m sorry.”

He nods briskly as though he has come to a decision.

“I won’t tell your father,” he says. “Let’s not speak of it again, it’s forgotten. And I apologize. I would never have done such a thing if I had known who you are, it’s not like I usually go around kissing girls on beaches.”

“Okay,” I say, trying to sound as though I agree, as though I’m not really that bothered and the whole thing was just a teenage prank. As though I haven’t been longing for his kiss ever since I came of age.

“Right, I’m going to my car. I’ll see you at your Dad’s. Hopefully it won’t be too long before he can join us.”

He turns on his heel and walks off before I can reply and I watch him go, feeling abandoned. He’ll probably never talk to me again the way he just did. Never touch or kiss me again. The next few days are going to be torture. I bring my fingers to my lip and hold them there as I watch him walk away, as though I could somehow keep and make tangible the memory of his kiss.

Chapter Four


I stomp back to my car, a whirlwind of emotions inside me. I feel angry, taken for a fool, guilty on Jeff’s behalf and also, incredibly, devastated that I have lost my chance with the only woman to arouse my interest so strongly.

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