Sighing, I know that even the ocean can’t calm the emotions tumbling inside me. I get up and walk back the way that I came, the afternoon sun burning my shoulders. I will need to put some aloe gel on when I get in.

I go straight to my room and pick up my book, a YA novel about vampires and witches that I was looking forward to reading, but all I can think about is the fact that Alex is down the hall, and I find I’m just skimming the pages, reading the words written on them without really registering what they are saying. The long drive this morning and the heat has made me tired and soon my head falls onto my book.

I wake up to see the burnt orange rays of sunset bathing my room. I roll over and stretch, disorientated for a moment, then the events of the day come rushing back. I remember Alex’s kiss with a visceral flashback that makes every nerve ending tingle and my mouth go dry with lust as I visualize his hands on my body and his mouth on mine.

It’s too much. Desire flares in the pit of my stomach and I feel my most intimate places tighten and contract at the thought of his touch. My nipples stiffen under my tank top in spite of the heat and I slide a hand up under the thin material and gently stroke around my breasts, circling around one nipple and then lightly running a fingertip across one pebbled peak, a small moan escaping my lips as I imagine it to be Alex’s mouth. I want him so badly that my groin throbs, craving release, and with my other hand I unbutton my shorts and wiggle them down over my hips and thighs, taking my panties with them. I run my fingers over my mound as I pinch my nipple, teasing myself the way that I want Alex to tease me. Then I part my thighs as much as the shorts will allow and slip my hand between my legs, feeling the heat of my pussy on my palm.

I run a fingertip between my folds and feel myself getting wetter as I respond to my own touch. It feels good, but it’s not enough. I want it to be his hand. Or his tongue. I gasp at the thought. I’ve always wondered what that felt like, and of course in my fantasies it has always been Alex doing it to me. Back then, I always knew they were just fantasies but now having been in his arms however briefly it feels as though it could be so much more. That it could have happened for real.

As I circle my clit I imagine it’s him, picturing his dark head between my legs and his eyes shining wickedly up at me as he pleasures me with his mouth, just the thought of it has me whispering his name under my breath and I touch myself harder and faster, kneading my breasts with my other hand and tweaking my nipples by turns. The fact that I know he is just a few rooms away, under the same roof, excites me even more. I picture him coming to find me, walking into my room and interrupting me playing with myself while I’m thinking about him.

Wanting more I place my other hand between my legs too and slide a finger inside myself while I continue to play with my clit with the other. I’m soaking now and I move my hips in a gentle rhythm against my hands, adding another finger as I think about Alex sliding his cock inside me, taking me for the first time and making me his.

The thought is more than I can bear and I feel my orgasm quickly building now, waves of pleasure reaching a crescendo. I bite my lip to stifle a scream as I come, shocks rippling through me as my whole lower body contracts and feels as though it’s dissolving into liquid heat.

I lie back on the cushions panting as my orgasm subsides, my thighs weak with the force of my climax. It was amazing, yet now I feel almost strangely bereft. I want Alex here for real, so that I can turn over and roll into his arms and have him hold me again. Have him look at me like he did on the beach.

I have to make it happen again, somehow. Have to make him believe that it’s worth the risk, that this is far more than just a game to me.

I take a shower, feeling tired again, and then put a tank top and panties on and get into bed. I pick my book back up and am able to read a few chapters now that I’ve temporarily satiated some of my lust, but Alex is still playing on my mind and interrupting the flow of the story. I wait until my eyelids are heavy again and the light is going down before I turn over and pull the sheets over me. I wonder what Alex is doing and what he is thinking, and if he’s thinking of me too.

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