Rumor had it that the prince and his fawn had a lover’s quarrel but then they made up yesterday. So why was she acting like the driveway was their version of The Green Mile?

As Fawn hiked her way to the main house, a conversation between her emotional and practical sides began to take place.

The Prince of Darkness is a good and trustworthy man, Fawn. He helps girls in need, even though his methods aren’t exactly by the book. If he says he won’t try to seduce you, he won’t.

But he is the Prince of Darkness. There’s a possibility he wouldn’t be able to help himself when he sees you—-

Can you hear yourself? You’re making it sound like you’re a fawn fatale. Haha! Get it? Fawn fatale, femme fatale—-

Fawn stopped walking.

She was seriously going crazy, and this was the prince’s fault.

She took a deep breath. There was no point worrying about the unknown. All she had to do was just get to work and see how things played out.

Nodding, she continued down the road and when she reached the end, the first thing she heard was splashes coming from the pool area.

That was strange, Fawn thought. The only time she saw people using the pool was when the prince had an aquatic theme for one of his parties, which was really nice, but it was also quite tiring since water all around made everything messier.

Curious, Fawn climbed the steps leading to the infinity pool, and the splashes became a firm, sharp sound, like someone slicing through the water in swift, decisive strokes. Fawn reached the top of the steps just as the sounds abruptly died, and that was when she saw the prince coming out of the pool, wearing nothing but a pair of tight-fitting black shorts.

Holy sweet Jesus, where could she look?

No, wait, the truth was, she knew where she shouldn’t look, but the problem was that was what she only wanted to look at.

Water made the sculpted muscles of the prince’s body glisten, and God, dear sweet God, how could someone look so perfect? Sure, Grant worked out, too, but it just felt like the prince was still…sexier. Rougher. Tougher.

Her mouth began to dry as she continued to stare at him, unable to believe that this kind of man could actually want someone like her.

It was crazy…right?

She had seen the kind of women he took to bed, and all of them were a hundred times prettier and sexier than she could even dream of being. Maybe yesterday was a prank—-

The prince suddenly turned toward Fawn, his emerald green gaze unerringly finding hers.

Holy. Crap.

She was caught.

“H-hi.” Then she added weakly, “Prince.”

His lips curved. “Hi there.” He paused. “Also, you’re drooling.”

She gasped, and Fawn automatically reached for her lips.

The prince smirked. “I was lying.”

“Prince!” She didn’t know whether to punch him or run away in humiliation.

“But I guess if you thought I was telling you the truth, then you must have enjoyed watching me that much.”




And oh my God, why was she only able to speak with exclamation marks right now!

“Stop it! Okay!”

And oh my God, she was! Still! Doing! It!

“Alright, parthena mou, I’ll stop.” The mocking gleam in his gaze was in contrast to his soothing tone.

As he reached for the towel and began rubbing himself dry, she knew she really had to go now.

But she couldn’t.

Her legs just didn’t want to move.

She watched him finish drying himself and toss the towel back on the table.

Please pick up the robe next, she thought. Please, please pick up the robe and cover yourself—-

The prince started walking towards her, sans the robe.

—-and she was dead.

So dead.

When he reached her, his tall, powerful frame filling her vision, she blurted out accusingly, “You promised you w-wouldn’t seduce me.”

A laugh escaped the prince. “I’m not.”

She could see that he wasn’t lying, and she almost cringed. Oh my God, if this wasn’t him seducing her, then how much better – no, worse – would it be when he did?

Theo. The way she was staring made the prince grit his teeth at the urge to haul her back into his arms so she would know exactly how it was when he really put his mind into seducing her.

That was what he wanted to do, what his body was dying to do.

But he couldn’t.

Because he had promised, and that damn diamond winking from her left hand was an undeniable reminder of how breaking his word would also end up breaking her.

“I better go,” she said finally and almost winced right after the breathless note in her voice. When the prince only nodded, it was then she realized in shock that a part of her had expected – and wanted – him to stop her from leaving.

Her stomach curled at the realization, and Fawn hastily turned away to race down the stairs, feeling all the while she was trying to fool herself into thinking that she was running away from her problems.

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