The prince rolled his eyes. “Similarly, please refrain from treating me like a child you can boss around.” His eyes bored through hers. “Boss around being the operative term.”

Fawn gulped, the prince’s words reminding her she had almost three thousand dollars’ worth of reasons to do what he asked.


“Y-you d-don’t scare me.”

The prince gazed at her with interest. “And why is that?”

“Because you said y-you like me.”

She could feel herself turning red at her words, and the only thing that kept her from drowning in a pool of embarrassment was the fact that in front of her, a similar shade had also stained the prince’s high-boned cheeks.

Oh thank God, he still liked her!

These days, she couldn’t really tell anymore. After the incident with Beatrice Crichton, the prince had been very, very gentlemanly towards her.

But the rest of his life was exactly the same.

The parties had also continued, and she still saw him entering his bedroom with other women.

Which didn’t hurt, she told himself. She had Grant, and that was the really good thing about her life now. Grant had been attentive to her again, calling and texting her every day, and spending every moment of his free time with her.

So life was good, and she would never have brought up that…thing…if only the prince’s emotional and mental health wasn’t at stake.

Forcing herself to meet the prince’s narrowed gaze, she continued shakily, “So you won’t fire me—-”

The prince looked like he wanted to kill her now.

Fawn finished in a rush, “Because if you do, you would m-miss me. So…there!” She stole a look at the prince, and it was still the same. He definitely wanted to kill her.

Finally, the prince said, “You can be so remarkably tactless, parthena mou.” He shook his head. “Just like that time when you actually spoke of the length of your fiancé’s cock—-”

Her horrified gasp cut him off.

“I did not say anything about that!”

He rolled his eyes. “Oh, please. You need not—-”

She shook her head vehemently. “I would never—-” She couldn’t speak. Apparently, when one blushed really hard, vocal chords were affected as well. She glared at the prince, unable to believe that he could make up such stories.

The prince frowned. “How can you deny it?”

“Because I didn’t,” she hissed.

“You said, and I quote—-” His lip curled again. “Yes, he is big. I asked you if he was bigger than me—-”

Her eyes widened. “Oh.” She finally remembered the conversation the prince was talking about. She started to laugh. “Oh, prince.” Shaking her head, she bubbled, “I w-was t-talking about G-Grant being so big—-”

He scowled. Dammit, here it was again.

“—-on waiting,” she finished and promptly giggled again.

The prince stared at her. “I beg your pardon?”

She nodded, still giggling. “It’s exactly what you heard. All I m-meant that time was that you and the girl were so fast, while it’s different between Grant and me.” She hesitated before saying reluctantly, “We’ve never, you know. And I haven’t ever seen his, you know. That’s why I was I was saying, compared to you he was bigger—-”

Now understanding what that meant, the prince winced.

Fawn was fascinated. “Wow. You’re actually blu—-”

“Finish that sentence,” he snapped, “and you’re fired.”


Oh my God, what other word could start with ‘blu’?

Blu…rry? Blu…dgeon?

“Bluch,” she finished. “You’re actually bluch.”

The prince stared at her. “What the hell does that mean?”

“It’s, umm, German, for humble. I was so surprised that you could actually be so bluch – which means humble, did I mention that? Anyway, it’s amazing that you could be so humble to think Grant could be even bigger—-” Then she realized what she was saying and it was her turn to blush as she finished lamely, “—-than you.”

The prince didn’t even bother dignifying it with an answer and turned away.

Her giggles died. Oh no. Had she wounded his ego?

The prince slowly rubbed his jaw in an effort to keep everything under control. But it was impossible. And since Fawn couldn’t see him anyway—-

He allowed himself to smile.

Grant had not been able to touch her yet.

She was still a virgin.

Not that it would have mattered that she wasn’t. He had thought that, but he had still wanted her. But now that he knew she was untouched—-

It was going to stay that way.

Her virginity was his.

He turned back to her. “I’ve decided.”

Wary at the way his eyes were gleaming, she said faintly, “O-oh?”

“If you really care…”

“I do…”

The prince’s tone became deceptively casual. “Then I want something in return.”

And there it was.

“Like what?” she asked, even more suspicious now.

He crooked a finger at her.

She shook her head.

“You have to come close.”

“But you might try kissing me—-”

“Even if I do,” he said with a shrug, “you can always stop me, can’t you?”


A low chuckle escaped him. “Just teasing you, parthena mou.” His gaze captured hers. “I promise you. I won’t try to kiss you in any way, and I won’t make you kiss me.”

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