It had only happened once, Fawn remembered. It was prom night, and he had suddenly pulled her towards him, more aggressive than usual, and she remembered that all she could think at that time was the taste and scent of beer in his kiss and how wet his tongue was.

But then Grant had dug his hands inside her gown—-

Just like what the prince was doing now.

The prince had torn the glittering spaghetti top from the girl and, plumping one breast in his hand, he took the nipple into his mouth and began to suck.

The girl moaned and buckled against him, her hands going to the prince’s hair to clutch his head as she pushed her nipple deeper into the prince’s mouth.

Was that what Grant had wanted to do with her that night?

The girl had her eyes closed, a delirious expression on her face. “Fuck me now.”

Fawn was stunned to hear the note of desperate begging in the girl’s voice.

“Please, Reid. Fuck me.”

The prince’s chuckle made the girl shudder, and so did Fawn.

She couldn’t believe it.

Her gaze went down her body, which felt so…restlessly alive.

What was happening to her?

Fawn whirled around clumsily, no longer wanting to see anything. She covered her ears, but she could still hear them—-

The girl gasping the prince’s name out, over and over—-

The prince’s soft, low growls—-

The sound of their bodies meeting each other—-

She squeezed her eyes shut.

Think of Grant.

Grant, Grant, Grant.

And slowly, his handsome face crystallized in her mind.


Her heartbeat started to slow down to a regular pace.

She could see it now, the way his lips would curl in a kind, teasing smile. He was that kind of guy, always smiling, always nice, always ready to help out and make people happy.


Behind her, the girl gasped, “I’m c-coming.”

At the same time, her phone rang from her pocket, playing out the chorus of Stonebolt’s I Will Still Love You.

Holy shit! She had forgotten to silence it!

Fawn scrambled to end the call, not even bothering to check who was calling her. She waited tensely for the prince and the girl to appear any moment, but a full minute passed and nothing happened.

Oh, thank God.

Seriously, thank You God.

She fell to her knees, closed her eyes, and found herself praying in sheer relief. When she was done, she turned around, still on her knees, and the first thing she saw was the prince staring down at her, half-naked, his pants partially unzipped.

Shock had her scrambling back, and a moment later she fell on her butt.

The prince said lazily, “I didn’t peg you to be a voyeur, parthena mou.”

There it was again, she thought nervously. She still couldn’t recall the term that Paula had tried to teach her, but it really sounded like what the prince was telling her.

“I d-didn’t mean to watch,” she stammered, looking up at him. “But then so many things happened, one minute you were just kissing, and then you were purring, she was clawing, and it was just so fast.”

As she spoke, Fawn’s hands moved in tandem, re-enacting the kiss by making her two hands meet as if puckering before turning into claws to rake the air. She didn’t seem aware of this at all, but the prince was, and it was all he could do to keep his face expressionless.

“And,” she ended, “that’s what’s happened.”

“I see.”

Did he seriously? She said uneasily, “I promise, I truly didn’t mean to, you know. Besides, I’m not used to…because, Grant’s kinda big—-”

The prince’s amusement fled. “Excuse me?” He could not believe that she was the same girl who had told her she had seen him half-naked more often than she had her boyfriend.

That had obviously changed, he thought bitterly.

Fuck you, Grant Bennett.

Fawn gulped at the cold look on the prince’s face. Holy crap. Was he furious! Why? All she meant was that Grant was really big on waiting for the right time these days, after what happened post-prom. She said in a small voice, “I’m not l-lying. He really is—-”

The prince wanted to strangle her. “Big.” Did this girl have to rub it in his face?

“Yes, he is big—-”

The prince cut her off, saying icily, “Bigger than me, is that it?”

“Well…” Her mouth opened and closed. Did he want her to lie? She had just seen him make love to another girl, for instance, and that girl was different from the ones she had seen him with in the past weeks. He didn’t wait at all.

When it was obvious she couldn’t make herself lie, he snapped, “Never mind.” He wanted to kill someone, preferably a guy whose name was Grant Bennett and had the fortune of having Fawn’s virginity.

Fuck you, Grant Bennett.

“I’m s-sorry—-”

Because she pitied him, the prince thought grimly. Stepping back, he said coldly, “If I catch you in this situation again, you’re fired.” He stalked away and slammed his bedroom door shut behind him.

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