“You’re overthinking again,” the prince chided gently.

“I can’t help it.”

“You should try harder,” the prince purred, “if you don’t want me to make you come again.”

“Um.” Her voice came out all strangled.

The prince’s grin flashed in the moonlight. “Did that actually make you hesitate about which one is a better alternative?”

“No!” Yes.

The prince’s lips grazed her cheek, and she shivered under him. “While I’d love to make you come…I’m afraid that’s the one thing I can’t do tonight, parthena mou.” The prince suddenly rolled off her, leaving Fawn blinking in bemused shock. “Don’t be too disappointed, mm?”

“I’m n-not.” And she wasn’t. Her body was just aching because she was…tired. Yes, that was it. Her emotions had been all over the place, and it had taken its toll on her.

“Mm…” The prince sounded skeptical.

“I told you, I’m not.” But not wanting to let him argue the point, she changed the subject, asking, “What does parthena mou mean?”

The prince smiled in the darkness. “Care to take a guess?”


“You’re half correct.”

“So…what does the other word mean?”

“It’s what I plan to take from you tomorrow night.”

She gasped. “My soul?”

The prince scowled. “Very funny.”

“Then what? It’s not like you need more money, and I don’t know what else I have that you don’t.”

“Think very carefully,” the prince advised, “and it will come to you.”

She did as asked, and after several moments, she said uncertainly, “My scholarship?”

The prince wondered how it was possible that Fawn could make him want to fuck her and laugh out loud at the same time.

He said finally, “No.” And before she could drive him crazier, he said calmly, “Parthena mou means ‘my virgin.’”


“But once I’ve taken your virginity, I’ll make sure to call you by another name, of course.”


Telling herself that she couldn’t let him think he could call all the shots, she said determinedly, “I w-won’t let you.”

“Really?” And in the next second, the prince had pulled her under him again, and as his weight pressed down on her, this time she also felt something else. She also felt something growing against her belly, throbbing like it had its own life.


With Fawn’s audible gulp telling him that she was now aware of his rigid erection, the prince pulled her more tightly against him, his hands cupping the sweet, tight cheeks of her bottom. Brushing his mouth against her ear, he whispered invitingly, “Shall I make the pain go away again, parthena mou?”

She whimpered.

“You want it, don’t you?” He began to rub his cock up and down against her, and the folds of her pussy started to swell.

Fawn’s teeth sank into her bottom lip. “N-no.” And she had to say that. It was the only right answer, the only thing she could say that wouldn’t make her—-

“You’re lying,” the prince said softly.

She felt the prince’s mouth move over her cheek.

“But it’s alright.” The prince’s lips touched her forehead. “I don’t plan to touch you tonight.” He rolled away the second time, saying levelly, “I want you too much.”

Just when she was about to feel rejected, his last words made her heart skip a beat, and Fawn winced at the realization of how much power the prince seemed to wield over her. He only had to say a word, and her mood would be swinging like a pendulum.

“Is that a bad thing?” she whispered. “Wanting me?”

“Right now…it is.” She felt the bed dip as the prince turned to lie on his side, facing her. A shaft of moonlight touched his face, and she saw the way his emerald green eyes were focused on her completely.

“In this case, it’s pretty easy to understand how your mind works, parthena mou. The moment I let myself touch you, I won’t be able to control myself. But if something happens between us tonight, you’ll wake up hating yourself tomorrow.” The prince paused. “Won’t you?”

Oh. She squeezed her eyes shut. “Shouldn’t I?” If something did happen tonight, it wouldn’t be rape. She swallowed. “I’m just like them, aren’t I?”

“No. You’re not.” The prince’s tone was succinct.

“How do you know—-”

“Because if you were, then we would have been fucking for months now.”

“Prince.” His words made complete sense, and yet – did really he have to put it that way?

“Just relax and go to sleep, parthena mou. Nothing will happen, much to my…conana’s dismay.”

She cringed. “Will you never let me hear the end of that?”

“It depends.” The prince’s tone was lazy. “Do you think you’ll be able to say the word co—-”

“No!” She knew she was being downright silly, but she didn’t care. Something told her that if she allowed herself to say the word—-

It would be completely over for her.

“Are you certain? It’s just one word,” the prince cajoled. “C-o-c-k.”

“I just can’t.” But she was laughing this time. At the same moment, the prince reached for her, his fingers twining with hers, and Fawn stilled.

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