When Fawn felt the prince lower her to the floor, a startled sound of protest escaped her as she felt the icy cold marble under her bare feet. Wondering where the prince had taken her, she forced her eyes to open—-


The prince had taken her to his private bath, and right beside them was his marble-inlaid hot tub.

“W-what are we doing here?” Fawn stammered.

“What do you think?” As the prince smiled at her, that was the only moment she noticed that he was wearing nothing but a black towel wrapped low on his hips. Everything else was completely exposed—-


His broad shoulders, his rock-hard chest that was packed with muscles, his strong long legs—-

Fawn’s senses started to swim in a familiar sensation that was both painful and glorious at the same time.

This was bad. This was good. This was—-oh she was so confused!

The prince’s emerald gaze captured hers, and it was like having her soul sucked out of her. Holy, holy, holy sweet——

Oh, the way he looked at her with hooded lids—-

“Take off your clothes, parthena mou.”


Her fingers slowly reached for buttons of her pajama top—-


“Oh my God,” Fawn moaned. “Why am I even following you?”

The prince’s smile widened. “Because you know this will keep the pain away.”

“That’s starting to sound like a line,” she accused him.

“Or you can tell yourself I’ve successfully hypnotized you.”

“That’s stupid.”

“Then perhaps…you never loved Grant, and it’s me you’ve loved all along?”

She burst into laughter.

He didn’t smile.

She stopped laughing, saying uneasily, “You weren’t joking?”

“So falling in love with me is that impossible?”

“Uh yes? I mean, no? Like seriously—”

The prince lifted her off her feet—-


—-and dumped her into the bath, which was half-filled with ice cold water.

“Prince!” Her teeth immediately started to chatter, but she had no time to worry about freezing when the prince immediately started methodically removing her clothes. She thrashed about the water, but one by one, the prince was able to strip everything off her.

Her pajama top – gone.

Her pajama bottom – gone.

Her underwear – gone.

And just like that, she was naked. Shrieking at the realization, Fawn hastily sank herself into the water while crossing her arms over her chest and pressing her legs together. “You’re so incredibly…evil!”

In the act of switching the tap for hot water, the prince couldn’t help shaking his head at her, murmuring, “If that’s all you can say, then yes, I’m probably evil incarnate compared to you.” His lips twitched. “Which I suppose makes you…an angel?”

Before she could think of a sassy comeback, she saw him reach for his towel. He started to unwrap it from his body, and she let out another shriek. “Prince!” But he was still stripping himself, and she sank herself deep underwater. She felt the prince dip into thetubl, his leg brushing against her shoulder, and she tried crawling away—-

The prince caught hold of her by the waist.

She resurfaced with a gasp. “Let me go!” But the prince was pulling her back as he leaned against the tub’s wall. She landed against his chest, her back pressed intimately to his body, and his erection, rigid and throbbing, brushing against the slit of her bottom.

Fawn froze even as her face turned red once more.

“Relax.” His word tickled her ear, and she bit back a moan even as her body jerked in reaction.

“I hate you,” she muttered, thinking she might just end up embarrassing herself to death if things continued this way.

The prince chuckled behind her. “Of course you do. You hate me so much…” His arms went around her to palm her breasts. “—-that your breasts can’t help begging for my touch.”


She squeezed her eyes shut in mortification, knowing that it was impossible to deny the prince’s words. Her breasts had indeed swollen to an impossibly large size, and they were definitely begging for his touch. The prince began to knead her aching flesh, and she swallowed back another moan.

“Relax, parthena mou. I’m not going to fuck you just yet.”

“A-are you expecting me to jump for joy?” she choked.

The prince peered at her face from behind, countering, “Are you saying you’re disappointed?”

“N-no!” Trust the prince to twist her words that way.

The prince gave her a dubious look. “Are you sure?” He pinched her nipples as he spoke, and this time she could no longer keep herself from making noise. A whimper slipped past her lips, and the prince emitted a low, rough growl from behind.

“You make the most beautiful sounds, parthena mou,” the prince rasped. “I can’t wait to fill the room with it tonight.”

Aah. Erotic imagery taunted her with the prince’s erotic words, and her fists clenched underwater in an effort to continue resisting the prince’s seduction. A part of her was still reeling at the fact that she was naked in a hot tub with the prince, but the larger part of her was——

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