Refusing to think.

It was as if that part of her had taken the prince’s words to heart, and had since then surrendered itself completely to the prince’s command.

The prince shifted behind her, and then his fingers began plucking her nipples as if he wanted to test just how far the pouting tips could extend.

Pleasure exploded from within, and her breasts started to ache even more painfully.

Oh God.

Was this really happening?

“Can we just take a bath and get this over with?” She knew she was practically begging, but at this point pride had no meaning to her now. The longer she stayed in this hot tub of temptation with the prince, the likelier she’d lose her head over him.

When the prince didn’t answer, she said desperately, “Please.”

The prince licked her ear in response, and she shuddered.

“Not just yet.” The prince was still licking her ear, and his fingers were still playing with her nipples. “I know your first class isn’t for hours yet, so I thought we could take our time here…talking.”

“Talking?” she choked out. Yeah right. What he was doing instead was tormenting her, and they both knew it.

“Yes.” The prince’s tone was so innocent she wanted to thump him. “Talking.” One hand left her breast to drift down her body. Realizing where it was going, she tried avoiding his touch, twisting and turning, but even so, his fingers still managed to reach its destination.

His hand forced her thighs apart, and then his fingers were there, grazing her creamy folds.

She arched against him with a cry, the sheer pleasure of his touch taking her by surprise.

“Tell me about you and Bennett.” A finger slipped inside of her. “Tell me how the two of you met, and how the asshole made you fall in love with him.”

“Y-you already asked me this before.” She wanted to sound dismissive, but her tone ended up halting and breathless with his finger started thrusting in and out of her in a leisurely pace, as if the prince wanted to drive Fawn out of her mind oh so slowly.

“I did, didn’t I?” The prince’s finger stopped mid-thrust, with half of it inside her pussy. “And you chose not to answer because you told me it wasn’t my business.” He paused. “But it’s different now, yes?” And as he spoke, he suddenly shoved his finger deep inside her.

As Fawn cried out in shocked pleasure, the prince said silkily, “You’re my business now. Aren’t you?” A second finger slipped inside her. “So tell me.”

And she did.

Even when it made her feel weird and guilty, even when it was surreal to talk about Grant while the prince had his fingers inside of her pussy—-

She told him.

Because he said so, and more and more it was beginning to dawn on her that it just felt so, so good to follow him.

When she finished with a breathless catch in her throat, the prince pulled his fingers out of her, and Fawn almost cried out in protest as her body burned with an aching sense of loss. A moment later, and the prince whirled her around to face him, and she found herself straddling his legs once more.

Gazing at her with hooded lids, the prince murmured idly, “I thought I should reward you for being forthright.”


The prince’s hands settled on her waist, and then he was pulling her towards him. His cock slid upwards between her folds, and then the prince was pushing her back, causing his cock to move down.


The prince smiled at her as he settled on an exquisitely slow rhythm. “Does it feel good?”


The prince laughed. “Liar.”

“T-this is not the reward I want.”

“Then what do you want?” The prince’s hands moved to her hips and he started pulling and pushing her just a bit faster.

Ooooh. Desperate to distract herself, she blurted out, “Tell me a-about yourself, too.”

“But my life’s an open book, parthena mou.”

“W-who’s the liar now?” One hand left her hip and went back to her folds.

Oh God. She tried her best not to panic as she felt his fingers caress her folds.

The prince asked in the same idle tone, “What do you want to know?”

Distraction, she needed more distraction. And so she said clumsily, “Your first love.”

In the act of fucking her with his fingers, the prince stilled, the words catching him off guard. Maybe it was because no one had ever asked him about it, or maybe it was because this was Fawn—-

Whatever the reason, the prince’s composure slipped, and his mental defenses broke down.

For the first time in years, he thought about…her.


Fawn had expected the prince to laugh her question off, and that would have been distraction enough, but when the movement of his fingers stilled and the prince’s gorgeous face became expressionless, she knew she had accidentally stumbled into forbidden territory.

As tension filled the air, she said hesitantly, “Prince?”

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