“I-It’s an honor for me, too,” Fawn stammered.

“And of course, you know the chairman’s son, Derek Christopoulos.” The prince gestured to the last man to be introduced.

“Hi, Fawn.” Derek Christopoulos’ legendary charm was displayed in full force as he gave Fawn a rakish grin. “I’m looking forward to working with you.”

Fawn blinked.

Behind her, Grant asked sharply, “Have you changed jobs?”

The prince reined his temper in with an effort as he watched Bennett move to Fawn’s side and take her hand.


“I—-” She looked at the prince, not knowing what to say.

Derek stepped as planned, saying easily, “I’m talking about the position of treasurer for the foundation Reid, the others, and I are putting up. Reid told you about it, right? He told me you’re good with numbers, and since this friend of mine rarely gives that kind of recommendation, I’m inclined to believe him.”

“We’re sorry for putting you in the hot seat,” Jason added ruefully, “but as we’re a bit pressed for time—-”

“And by that,” Nick continued, “he means we have an urgent need to donate millions of dollars for tax purposes.”

Grant and Lou looked at each other at the amount Nick Christakos mentioned.

“The position is yours if you want it,” the prince murmured. “But we would need a decision now.”

“Umm…” Her head was whirling, and she had the strongest urge to shout at the prince. What the heck did this mean? What was he planning? He had never mentioned anything about this before, darn him.

“About the project you’d like to sponsor,” Grant suddenly said. “Are there any specifics you’re looking for?”

“Anything would do,” Nathan answered. “As long as it can be set up right away.”

“Then maybe we can help you.” Grant cleared his throat. “The student council is actually planning a fundraiser. In fact, I believe Mr. Christopoulos may have heard of it—-” He stopped, expecting the chairman’s son to tell him Grant could call him by his first name instead.

But Derek Christopoulos only nodded, saying pensively, “Yes, I believe I’ve heard of this. You submitted a proposal to my office a week ago, if I’m not mistaken.”

Grant’s cheeks turned a dull shade of red at the indirect snub, but he forced himself to mutter, “That’s right.”

Derek raised a brow. “What do you think, Reid? We could sponsor their project.”

Before the prince could answer, Lou suddenly approached him, saying, “Please say yes, Mr. Chalkias.”

Fawn’s eyes widened at the way the girl pressed herself to the prince’s side. Did that girl not know she was practically rubbing her breasts against the prince’s arms?

Her gaze moved sharply to the prince, who looked back at her with a glint in his gaze.

She glared at him, unable to help it. Get rid of her!

But the prince only said dulcetly, “It’s really up to Fawn, I’m afraid.” The prince remained where he was as he spoke, with the vice president still treating his body like a scratching post for her breasts.

Fawn saw red.

“She’s the one who’d be crunching numbers with the council if she chooses to accept the project.”

“Or what?” Fawn mumbled under her breath. “It’s going to self-destruct in five seconds, Tom Cruise wannabe?”

Five seconds passed in complete silence.

Oh my God, had she said that out loud?

And then the prince’s friends were laughing while Lou gasped and Grant began to hurriedly apologize on her behalf.

I’m dead. I’m totally dead. She slowly looked up to meet the prince’s gaze.

He was smiling at her, and of course she knew that smile of his from experience.

“Your humor is as adorable as ever,” the prince said pleasantly.

Fawn gulped as she mentally translated the prince’s words and knew that the prince was already looking forward to killing her as soon as they were alone.

“Do you then accept the project?”

Before she could answer, something played out from Derek Christopoulos’ phone.

It was the theme song from Mission Impossible.

Nathan and the Christakos twins started laughing again while Derek grinned at Fawn, saying, “You need to come work for us, Fawn. We won’t take no for an answer. Life’s going to be too boring after this if you don’t.”

Feeling the prince’s gaze boring a hole through her back warningly, she said feelingly, “I would love to work for you, Mr. Christopoulos.” And she did, she had to, with the prince practically threatening her destruction in five seconds from behind.

Lou had finally disentangled herself from the prince, walking back to Grant, saying, “We need to go back to HQ, hon. I got a text from the president.”

Grant frowned. “Right.” He checked his phone. “I got the same text.” He hesitated then said firmly, “You go ahead. I’ll just say goodbye to Fawn.”

Lou’s lips tightened. “I can wait—-”

“You don’t have to.” Grant’s voice had turned hard.

Lou’s lips formed a thin smile. “Okay, hon.”

As the other girl walked away, Grant turned to face Fawn again, saying, “I have to go, luv.”

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