“I want you to suck it hard, get my cock all the way to your throat…”

A sob escaped her, and Fawn’s fingers tightened around the prince’s erection.

“I want it to stay that way…until I cum in your throat.” The prince’s tone became hard and guttural. “That’s the position I want you to be in right now.” He lifted his head, his mouth moving to the side.

She gasped when his tongue licked her ear, and the prince whispered, “Do you want this position, too?”

The prince moved away, and as their gazes met again, she could only give him the answer they both wanted.


There were no words needed after, and only the sound of the prince’s harsh breathing filled the room as Fawn slowly lowered her head, lower and lower until all she could see was the prince’s erection.

For one silly moment, she allowed panic to get the better of her—-

It’s too big.

But even so, she couldn’t stop herself.

Her lips parted, and the head of the prince’s erection slipped inside her mouth bit by bit.

The feel of his cock in Fawn’s mouth was unbelievable, the culmination of months of unquenched need making him shudder. She began to suck him when he was halfway in, and he tightened his grip on her hair with a groan.

“Don’t fucking stop.”

The prince’s command, uttered in a desire-laced groan, made her head swim, but knowing that he wanted her to that extent also made her eager and bolder. Forcing her throat to relax, she tried to take more inches of his length, all the while sucking hard—-

“Fawn.” It was too damn good, and his control threatened to snap. “Fawn, slow down…” But Fawn didn’t seem to hear him. Her head only continued to bob up and down his cock, one hand gripping the base of his erection while her other hand tightened around his leg under the water—-

It was the most arousing sight, watching Fawn pleasure him with her mouth, her near-naked body rising from the water like a mermaid, her long blonde hair like wet golden silk against her back.

“Fawn…” As he spoke, her mouth suddenly tightened around him, just before her tongue swirled around the head of his cock.


His control snapped, and the prince gritted out, “I’m going to cum.”

The words made Fawn suck harder, and she tried moving her head as fast as she could all the while her mind remained consumed by thoughts of pleasuring the prince—-

Suddenly, she felt his fingers tighten around her hair almost to the point of pain, and she whimpered against his rigid length, knowing what was about to happen—-

With one last groan, the prince started coming in her mouth, his movements becoming wild as he fucked her mouth hard, thrusting his cock in and out relentlessly as he shot his load out. He expected and dreaded having her pull away, knowing that he could have frightened her with his ferocity, but instead he felt her hands moving to his hips, gripping him for balance—-

Almost like she wanted this as much as he did.

The thought made his body shudder, and one last spurt of cum jerked out of the prince’s painfully throbbing cock.

The prince’s touch was gentle as he slowly pulled her away, and Fawn couldn’t help turning red as they both heard his erection make a popping sound as it came out of her mouth. When she saw his gaze suddenly darken, she asked uncertainly, “W-what is it?”

“You still have a drop there,” the prince said hoarsely. Expecting her to wipe it away, the prince was surprised when her tongue darted out instead—-

She licked away that one last drop of cum on the corner of her mouth, and the sight made him shudder anew. “You’re killing me with how sexy you are, parthena mou,” he grated out.

Sexy? Her? But before Fawn could even think of what to say, the prince had suddenly moved, and before she knew it he had her up in his arms, and he was wading through the deeper end of the pool, still naked.

“Prince!” She couldn’t help shrieking as she saw that they were now waist-deep in the pool. “I don’t know how to swim,” she told him desperately, her arms wounding around his neck tightly as the prince continued on.

The prince stopped moving long enough to grin wickedly at her. “Even better.”

“Bully!” She smacked his back with her fist as hard as she could, but it was like trying to punch a hole through a concrete wall. The water got deeper and deeper, and her fear increased. “Prince…”

Something bumped her lightly, and she twisted her head around, startled.

It was an inflatable daybed, large enough to snugly fit two, and complete with headrest and motorized controls. “Prince—-ah!” The prince had suddenly tossed her on the floater, and she shrieked, thrashing about as she felt herself began to slide down.

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