“I got you, parthena mou.” Firm but gentle hands pushed her back on the daybed, and this time the prince climbed up, joining her. Fawn tensed as the daybed began to dip alarmingly to the side, but a second later, it righted itself, and she expelled her breath in a huge sigh of relief.

“What are we doing here?” she demanded. Looking around, she couldn’t help gulping as she realized that they were smack in the middle of the pool, leaving her nowhere to go.

The prince cupped her face, forcing her to look at him. “Relax.”

She glared at him. “I can’t.”

“You can,” the prince said soothingly. “And I’ll help you.” As he spoke, he forced her to lie down, and of course, being the idiot that she was, Fawn couldn’t stop herself from following his lead.

Soon she was lying on her back, and the prince’s handsome face loomed over her, filling her vision.

“It’s my turn to please you,” the prince murmured.

Her eyes flew wide open, and she croaked out, “Here?”

In answer, the prince plucked the strings of her bikini top away, and Fawn gasped as she felt the tiny pieces covering her nipples inch down, leaving her breasts completely exposed.

“Oh God, prince—-”

But the prince had already lowered his head and laved one nipple with his tongue.

She arched against the bed in shocked pleasure, inadvertently pushing her nipple deeper into her mouth…at the same time causing the daybed to rock precariously on the water.

“Prince!” Fear and pleasure warred inside of her, and Fawn was torn between shoving the prince away and clutching him closer to her.

The prince lifted his head, and his lips curving in a smirk, he purred, “If I were you, I wouldn’t move too much.” When panic flashed in her brown eyes, he said silkily, “Too much movement can cause this bed to capsize, and right now…” He paused as if to think. “This part is about ten feet deep now.”

“What?” Fawn shook her head wildly. “I really don’t know how to swim—-”

“But I do,” the prince interrupted, “so there’s nothing to worry about, as long as you stay still while I take my time…”

Her breath caught as he reached for her breast. “Prince—-”

“With you…” The prince brushed the tip of one slightly wet nipple with his finger, and the rest of her words melted into a long, helpless moan.

“I love the way you’re so sensitive, parthena mou.” The prince began to play with her nipple, lightly rolling it between his fingers until she was shuddering under his touch. “It makes me want to bully you more.”

Oh! The too-blunt admission had her choking back a laugh, but then the prince dipped his head to suck on her other nipple, and she found herself moaning again. He sucked her sweetly one moment, then hard and roughly the next, and the unpredictability of his seduction was beautifully agonizing. Her hands moved up, curling around his shoulders, and when he bit her nipple, she gasped and jerked, her nails digging deep into the sleek muscled panes of his back.

When the prince released her nipple, she couldn’t stop from mewling in protest, and the sound made the prince smile. The sight of it made her flush, but even so, she couldn’t make herself stop wanting him.

The prince’s gaze suddenly captured hers, and Fawn bit her lip hard as she felt his fingers trail down the valley of her breasts.

“You’re probably used to taking things too slow, but that’s not my style.” His fingers moved down her belly, and Fawn caught her breath as they paused right above the curls protecting her femininity.

“I like to go all out…” As he spoke, the prince took hold of one of the strings of her bikini bottom before ripping it off in one quick move.

She started, and the daybed under them shook, making her freeze.

“Did that shock you?” the prince crooned.

“Y-you know it did.” She wanted to sound furious, but instead her voice came out soft and breathless.

The prince’s lips curved in a cruel smile. “Good. I like my woman to think only of me when I’m touching her, make it so that there’s nothing she can remember except how I make her feel.” The prince pulled back, his fingers leaving her body, and she almost, almost cried out in protest.

The daybed began to dip as the prince moved, and Fawn couldn’t help sitting up in trepidation.

The prince settled in front of her and took hold of her ankles.

She stilled, and her unease deepened when she saw the dangerous glint in the prince’s dark green eyes. Uh. Oh. That look of his felt like a really, really bad omen, and when the prince purred, “Are you ready, parthena mou?”—-

She knew right away that she was in trouble.

Fawn shook her head vigorously, saying in a rush, “I am not ready AT ALL—-ah!”

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