The prince had pushed her legs wide open to a V.

“Oh my God, what—-ah!”

He started to pull her lower body up using her legs.

“Stop it, l-let me down, w-what—-ah!”

When she could only see his face through the V of her legs, Fawn finally realized what he was about to do, and she screamed.

The prince’s head lowered.

“Noooooo—-” She wanted to struggle, but she couldn’t, knowing that it would cause the floater to capsize.

The prince’s mouth touched hers.

She screamed.

But it was too late. It was all over. She was his.

There wasn’t even time for her to catch her breath, no time to understand what was happening, no time for foreplay—-

It was exactly like how the prince said.

Taking things too slow was not his style.

Her fists clenched against her side as the prince devoured her wet, throbbing core with his mouth, and she could only moan and moan as he licked her up and down. She wanted to move away, to shove him off, but she couldn’t, knowing that one little bit of resistance from her could make the daybed turn over.

“P-please…” But she no longer knew what she was begging him for. One after another, the thoughts in her mind had disappeared until all that was left was the sheer pleasure of his touch—-

The prince thrust his tongue inside her, and she screamed again. But still the prince didn’t slow down and instead his fingers tightened around his ankle as he pulled her up higher until he was practically grinding his mouth against her pussy, his tongue thrusting in and out of Fawn faster and harder.

She almost, almost buckled, but knowing that she would end up drowning forced her to stay excruciatingly still even as her world began to splinter.

It was too, too much, and she moaned long and hard as the prince continued to eat her pussy. “P-priiiiiiiiiiiince. P-pleeeeeease.”

Oh God, oh God, the way he was eating her made her feel oooooh sooooo gooood——

The prince’s mouth moved up, closing around her tightly wound clit.

Her world shattered, and Fawn came with a scream.


They stayed there for what seemed like forever, lounging on the daybed, their naked bodies entwined to ward off the cold. With a blanket of starry skies above them, it felt like she and the prince were in a world of their own, allowing Fawn to shed her inhibitions, her doubts, and everything else that made reality undesirable.

Time passed without them noticing as they talked and talked, their low, soft murmurs playing an intimate melody in the quiet of the night while the prince would occasionally run his fingers down her spine and Fawn would shyly reciprocate his caresses, her own fingers tracing the defined contours of his muscles.

Nestled in the prince’s arms, she told him of her loneliness growing up, of having no time to do anything fun because she was too busy working, and how she had never stopped seeing Grant as her employer’s son even when he had already become her boyfriend.

He told her of his life in England and how he had always felt out of place until he met his friends in boarding school. He told her of his parents, those who died saving him and those who loved him despite the fact that he wasn’t of their blood, and when he finished, she was, of course, crying.

“You cry too much,” the prince said with a sigh, but his touch was exquisitely tender as he took her in his arms.

Fawn was halfway to falling asleep by the time they made it back to his bedroom, but when she felt him lower her feet back to the floor and reach for her robe to push it off—-

Her eyes flew open. “P-prince?”

He only smiled down at her, saying, “We both need a shower.”

This time, she didn’t even think of arguing, feeling like she would be bordering on becoming a hypocrite if she did. Just stop overthinking things, she told herself, and let go.

And so she did, and it turned out to be the quickest and longest shower she ever had as well as the hottest, literally and figuratively. As steaming hot water cascaded down on their bodies, the prince pushed her against the wall before going down on her once more.

She gasped as his fingers started to ease her folds wide open, stretching them wider and wider until it was like he could see her completely.

“Hold it open for me,” the prince gritted out, and oh God, she could only obey him even as her fingers trembled at having to do something so blatantly amatory.

First, she felt his mouth, raining kisses on her pussy and making her legs tremble hard. Second, she felt his tongue, licking the folds and lapping up the moisture that started to turn her sensitive skin creamy. It had her head leaning back against the wall as her eyes rolled back. It was sweet beautiful agony, but none of it could compare to the pleasure of what he did last—-

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