Three fingers pushed inside of her just as his mouth once again closed over her throbbing clit.

“Priiiiiiiiince!” Her entire body shuddered as he began to fuck her with his fingers and destroy her with the whipping moves of his tongue around her clit. Passion obliterated her senses, leaving her a sobbing, writhing mess at the mercy of the prince. It should have terrified Fawn, how much control the prince had over her, but it didn’t.

Instead she wanted more. Instead she wanted it to last for an eternity, even when every flick of his tongue against her clit made every second feel a thousand times longer, and every deep plunge of his fingers made her feel like trying to open her pussy up just a bit more—-

More, more, more.

She chanted the words in her mind, and when it wasn’t enough, she screamed it, “Moreeeeeee.”

And the prince gave it to her, fisting her this time, his whole hand going inside her.

She saw stars, and she screamed, falling apart in his arms as her hands lost its strength to hold on to anything and her legs completely gave out.

But even so, her orgasm didn’t stop, and the prince was there to hold her up, all the while lapping every drop of cum as creamy wetness flowed out of her like an endless, shuddering stream of pleasure.

When it was over, she had simply no energy left to do anything, and the prince had his way with everything. He dressed her in a new set of pajamas, chuckling when he saw that it had a My Little Pony design.

“Shut up,” she mumbled. “I hate you, it’s a nice design, stop being judgmental.” Unfortunately, her half-weary, half-dazed tone effectively took the sting out of her words, turning the reprimand into a dreamy murmur. The prince chuckled yet again as he scooped her up in his arms, and she sighed as the rich, dark sound caused a sensual shiver to lightly skitter down her spine.

It was clearly a waste of time, trying to get mad at the prince when she was this tired…and content.

After laying her down on the bed, the prince straightened and gave himself a few moments to simply enjoy the sight of his virgin, looking completely exhausted because of the pleasure he gave her.

Sensing his gaze on her, she managed to open one eye and promptly closed it again when she saw the arrogant look of satisfaction on the prince’s too-handsome face.

The prince laughed, knowing exactly why she was pretending to sleep. “I need to go to the study for a bit, parthena mou.”

“Will you be alright?”

“I’m not a baby.” But with Fawn mumbling her words, the prince thought in amusement that she actually did sound like a baby at that moment.

An indeterminate amount of time had passed when an insistent buzzing sound drew Fawn out of her sleep. Forcing her eyes open, she fumbled groggily for her phone when she realized someone was calling her. Just as she hit the button to answer the call, she heard the door open—-

It was the prince, and the frown marring his forehead had her sitting up, concern making her wide-awake. “P-prince?”

“I need to go to the hospital,” the prince said abruptly as he sat on the edge of the bed. “Keanne was almost kidnapped earlier.”

“Keanne, Jason’s fiancée?” At the prince’s nod, she shook her head, asking worriedly, “Is she okay?”

“Just bruises and a couple of minor injuries, but Jason’s understandably insisting for her to stay in the hospital overnight.”

When his forbidding expression didn’t ease, she hesitated a moment before touching his arm, saying uncertainly, “Jason Christakos is strong, prince. He won’t let something like this—-” She stopped when the prince shook his head at her.

“While I do wish Keanne hadn’t suffered, it is as you said, and I know Christakos will not let something like it happen again.”

“I see.” She gazed at him, bemused. “Then…you’re displeased over something else?”

The prince frowned. “Don’t you see what this means, parthena mou?”

“Not really?”

His frown deepened, and the prince said seriously, “It means I won’t be able to fuck you tonight.”



She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Prince!” But the truth was, that particular scenario hadn’t even occurred to her. And now that it had—-

When the prince looked at her knowingly, Fawn hastily rearranged her face into a scowl before any other expression came out.

Don’t you dare let him think you’re disappointed, Fawn Cornwall.

Don’t you dare or you’ll never hear the end of it.

“Tomorrow night,” the prince promised solemnly, “I definitely won’t allow for any other distractions. I’ll be all yours, and—-” A smile brimming with sensual promise slashed over the prince’s lips as he placed his hand on his chest in a gesture of sincerity. “You can do whatever you want with my body—-”

All sorts of sexual ideas flooded her mind, and her face became suffused with color. “Oh my God.” How could he say such things with such shamelessness? “I would never, like never—-”

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