“Sorry,” the prince apologized without missing a beat. “I erased your call history.” He handed the phone back to Fawn.

She gaped at him. “Why?”

“I hated seeing how all the calls came from Bennett.”

Memory returned in a flash, and Fawn shot up from under the covers with a horrified gasp. “Oh God, I forgot about Grant’s call!”

The prince raised a brow, asking calmly, “And you’re worried because?”

“I answered his call just before you came into the room, and…” Fawn gnawed on her lip, guilt eating her alive at the thought that Grant could have heard something.

She squeezed her eyes shut against the thought of what it would do to Grant if he knew what was happening.

He might have cheated on her first, but even so—-

She wouldn’t have wished her pain on anyone, not even Grant.

Looking up at the prince, she asked in a small voice, “Do you think it’s possible that he could have heard us—-”

“No,” the prince answered swiftly. “It’s not possible.” The prince didn’t hesitate to utter the lie, and he knew he would have done the same thing, as many times as needed, if it was the only way to keep Fawn from looking so haunted.

Reaching for the covers, he gently made Fawn lie back down again before pulling them up to her chin. “Go back to sleep, parthena mou. You’re worrying over nothing.”

He waited until her eyes fell closed before leaving, and when he saw Igor waiting for him at the foot of the stairs, he knew without the other man saying a word that his long overdue confrontation with Grant Bennett had finally arrived.


Fuck the Prince of Darkness. Fuck him to hell.

Grant’s grip on the steering wheel tightened as he drove like mad to the prince’s residence. Even now, he couldn’t get the sound of Fawn – his girlfriend, his fucking girlfriend – sucking on the prince’s cock.

The thought had him carelessly swiping for the bottle of whisky on the passenger seat, and he took another swig. The liquid burned a path down his throat, but instead of calming him down, it only made him see red—-

Fuck the Prince of Darkness. Fuck him to hell.

Alcohol blunted his common sense, feeding his self-righteous rage. He began to remember what he only wanted to remember, and he conveniently forgot anything that painted him in a bad light.

The light turned red, and Grant started pummeling the steering wheel. I warned her, damn her. She should have listened me and stayed the hell away from Reid Chalkias!

That he had cheated on her first didn’t matter. He had everything with Lou in control, and besides, he hadn’t been a virgin to start with. But Fawn—-

“Fuck you,” Grant howled.

The indestructible-looking gates of the prince’s property loomed in the distance, and Grant slammed his foot on the gas.

“I’ll make you goddamn pay—-”

He wrenched the gearstick down, and his car stormed down the driveway with a burst of speed. He wanted to run something – someone – over, and he almost got his wish, his headlights about to kiss the prince’s gates in a head-on collision.

Sanity returned at the last second, and Grant hit on the brakes hard. His car screeched to a stop, a mere inch away from being smashed.

“FUUUUUUUUCK!” Still shaking with terror at his brush with death, Grant had to wrestle with the lock before finally tumbling out of his car. He fell on his back with a heavy groan and found himself suddenly blinded by the blazing white light coming from the watchtower’s security lights stationed on top of the walls.

A moment later, shadows fell over him, turning his world dark. The next thing he knew, men on each side had grabbed his arms, hauling him up.

“What the hell—-who the fuck are you?” Grant thrashed wildly against his unknown captors, but they remained expressionless and immovable, forcibly dragging him towards the side entrance to the prince’s compound.

Fear crawled down his spine, penetrating the alcoholic haze in his mind, and Grant struggled harder against their vise-like hold as the men took him through the narrow passageway. “If you don’t fucking let me go,” he blustered, “I’m going to have your asses hauled to—-”

The metal door slammed shut behind him with a hard thud, cutting him off, and Grant whitened, realizing that he had been effectively abducted.

“Let him go,” a mild voice spoke from the dark.

His captors threw him to the ground, and he crashed on his knees. Rage and confusion had him looking about wildly, and he stiffened when he realized that a circle of uniformed men had him surrounded.

The circle broke in front of him all of a sudden, a figure stepping out from the darkness.

Reid Chalkias.

Hatred that tasted like vitriol filled Grant’s mouth as the Prince of Darkness walked towards him with unhurried grace. Seeing the other guy looking so damn sophisticated and composed – so goddamn perfect – made his vision go red.

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