Lilac’s cheeks turned rosier. “N-Nick!”

Oh! Fawn started to laugh, but then she saw the look on Nick’s face and realized in horror that the Greek scion wasn’t joking at all. Hastily rearranging her face into a serious look, she said hastily, “That’s right. I totally believe that. Like seriously.”

Nick slowly turned to look at her.

Fawn gulped, wondering if she was about to die.

Brilliant blue eyes laughed at her.

Oh thank God!

“What he basically means,” Nathan interrupted mildly, “is that he’s an extremely jealous man, and anyone staring into Lilac’s eyes tends to make him feel, err, violent.”

As the four of them came out of the limousine, the paparazzi surged forward, taking photos and throwing questions a dozen a minute. Nick and Lilac were asked about their marriage plans while Nathan and Fawn—-

Is this girl the reason you quit modeling?

What’s her name?

Who is she to you?

The former model didn’t say anything, but the mysterious smile playing on his lips had everyone’s imagination running wild.

As they started to walk down the red carpet, with Fawn holding on to the prince’s friend nervously, Nathan bent his head to her, murmuring under his breath, “I hope you understand it’s important they think you’re my date.”

“I do,” she said between her teeth. She was smiling so hard her jaw was beginning to ache. The amount of attention the prince’s friends were drawing was insane, and yet this was also the same world that the prince lived in.

Looking down, she frowned hard, thinking, I have to get used to this, too.

Ahead of Nathan and Fawn, Nick glanced down at his fiancée, his lips curving in amusement as he silently communicated his thoughts to Lilac. Is she not everything I told you she was?

Lilac beamed at him. She is. She’s perfect for Reid!

His arm tightened around her waist, his fingers gently squeezing her hip. And that’s why I told you there’s nothing to worry about. Chalkias may blow a fuse at this stunt – and even now, I highly doubt that would happen. But even if he did, I know he’ll thank me in the end.

Lilac bit her lip. As long as you’re sure.

Nick nodded.

Lilac glanced at him with a worried sigh. I just can’t help worrying. You know how serious he was when he told us at the hospital that he’s going to leave her for good.

Pulling her closer, Nick pressed a reassuring kiss on her forehead. Remember how I used to say stupid things when I didn’t know I was in love with you?

His fingers threaded through her hair. That’s how Reid is now.

Lilac’s lips slowly curved into a smile. I get it now.

Around them, the large crowd of paparazzi was snapping photos like crazy, having gone wild the moment they saw the exchange of sweet and tender gestures between the famous couple.

Upon reaching the end of the red carpet, the four of them momentarily posed against the photo wall and Fawn had to consciously dig her feet into the ground so she wouldn’t be tempted to run away.

Oh, the things I do to make you happy, prince.

The noise of the crowd was effectively muted when they finally made it inside the hotel’s palatial lobby, and Fawn breathed a sigh of relief.

Lilac squeezed her arm, saying reassuringly, “You’ll g-get used to it sooner or later.”

“I really hope so,” Fawn said feelingly. Because right now, that walk on the red carpet felt very much like the green mile to her.

Getting into the elevator that would take them to the ballroom, Fawn found her nervousness returning and she fought against the urge to start biting her nails. In an effort to distract herself, she blurted out, “You guys are so awesomely good at the silent communication thing.”

“I can’t explain it actually,” Nathan remarked thoughtfully. “But the more time you spend with them, the noisier their non-verbal thing gets.”

Despite herself, Fawn couldn’t help smiling at Nathan’s insightful words, saying, “I kinda get what you mean.” When she saw the couple looking at each other, her smile widened. “And they’re doing it again—-”

Fawn’s words had Lilac letting out a dismayed gasp, and her cheeks turned a pretty shade of pink as she stammered, “S-sorry.”

“Oh, no, it’s okay,” Fawn protested hastily. “I wasn’t complaining or anything—-”

“I was,” Nathan inserted.

“We don’t care,” Nick retorted.

“It’s actually quite fun,” Fawn continued earnestly, “trying to guess what you guys were talking about.”

Nathan raised a brow. “Eavesdropping on a silent conversation?”

Nick coughed to cover his amusement while Lilac cleared her throat.

Fawn made a face. “I can see you guys don’t believe me, but I really think I had the conversation figured out.”

“Let us hear it then,” Nick invited.

Nick’s lips curve in amusement. They can’t get enough of us, can they?

Lilac beams. I know, right? What do you think about starting a reality TV show?

Nick’s arms tighten around her waist. That idea has merit, but you know how competitive I get, don’t you? If we push through with it, I want it to be #1.

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